A Look at the new iOS8 and Expected Features in iPhones & iPads

At the recently held Apple Worldwide Developer conference (WWDC), it was all about Apple’s new operating system. iOS 8, the latest version of the mobile OS, was revealed, explored and explained by Apple. However, there was nothing on the upcoming iPhones and iPads. Meanwhile, studying the release of iOS 8 can hint what can be expected from the next generation of iPhones and iPads. The secrecy with Apple products is known to all and the features of upcoming iPads and iPhones can only be predicted and not forecasted. In fact, Apple might have intended to hint at some of the features of future devices with the revelation of certain iOS 8 functions.ios8

1.      Touch ID for 3rd Party

Apple may finally launches the Touch ID technology available for 3rd party applications. The Touch ID technology is currently incorporated only in the iPhone 5s, though expectation of its inclusion in iPads was rife last year. However, it can be expected on all iPads and iPhones that are released hence.

2.      Bigger display for iPhones more likely than for iPads

Apple announced that its latest XCode software is capable of adjusting the screen sizes according to the resolution of other iOS devices. Although, it was a mention of a function, it clearly seems to be a prelude to bigger displays for iPhones and may be for iPads too. Besides, such hints are rumours about larger screen on next generation iPhones which cannot be ignored.

3.      Improvement in Camera

iPhones are much valued by the customers for their cameras too. iOS 8 provides enhanced control over specific camera functions and features, such as focus and shutter speed. Therefore, Apple may introduce further improvement in focus and lens of cameras that will be incorporated into the upcoming iPhones. On the other hand, iPads can have significant camera upgrade.

4.      Compatibility with more devices

HealthKit and HomeKit are aimed to consolidate Apple’s health/fitness and smart home hardware for better working with the iOS. The same can be done in public places with iBeacon technology. The currently available hardware loaded with iOS 8 is already capable of that. So, greater measures of improving the iPhone sensors can be expected on new iPhones and iPads.

5.      Impressive gaming

If Metal, the development tool of iOS 8 can be considered any indication, iPads and iPhones can be expected to run console-class graphics engines. The A7 processor in Retina iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone 5s is currently optimised by Metal. So, a greater leap in graphics can be expected in next iPhones.

iphone 66.      Synchronisation

iPads and iPhones can be expected to be more synchronised than they were ever before. While iPads may be able to screen phone calls, emails started on anyone of the devices can be completed on the other. The expected larger screen of iPhone will narrow the distinction.

7.      Unbreakable Sapphire Glass

It is perhaps confirmed rather than expected and may not have connection with the iOS 8 either. Still, it is a feature worth mention as the sapphire front panel of iPhone 6 has been proven to be unscrathable and unbreakable after extreme testing.

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