yellow iphone 5c sold out

Yellow Apple iPhone 5c Unlocked 16GB Sold Out On Apple’s Website

yellow iphone 5c sold out

Unlocked Yellow iPhone 5c 16GB becomes the first model of the new iPhone to be sold out on Apple’s website. The pre-orders for the iPhone began at 3:01AM EST and within a few hours, all of the available orders were booked. According to Apple, new orders will be shipped by September 25th.

Apple announced its new iPhones on their September 10th event and the pre-orders, as specified by them, began today. The two models newly launched are the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c.

The expected delivery date of the Yellow models was set to September 20th but due to the overwhelming population of people going for this specific model, the date is extended till September 25th.

iPhone 5c is simply a re-cased iPhone 5 as it just has the new plastic casing which also comes in a variety of colors. The phone lags in specification to the iPhone 5s and hence is priced at $100 lesser.

The pre-orders are currently supported from the United States, Hong Kong, China, Australia, UK, Canada, Singapore, Germany and France. The phone is priced at $99 on contract and $549 without contract.

The amount of pre-orders for the phone have doubled the original iPhone 5 values in less than a day. Both Apple and Sprint explained about the delivery of the Yellow model which might be delayed a bit because of the huge number of orders which also make it the most demanded iPhone as yet.

According to the statistics, the next iPhone model to sell out would be the unlocked 32GB blue or red models. iPhone 5s would also have made a great score here but Apple refused to allow its pre-orders and it will directly be launched on September 20th.

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