iPhone 5s Touch ID Hack Pr

Video Reveals How Hacker Hacked Touch ID in 30 Hours

The German hacker who successfully bypassed iPhone 5s Touch ID has revealed the video showing how exactly the ‘hack’ was performed.

The well-known german hacker — who is nicknamed StarBug — told in an interview by ArsTechnica that it required 30 hours to hack the Touch ID using a high resolution laser printer, a scanner and a printed circuit board and it was “way easier than expected to bypass”.

iPhone 5s Touch ID Hack Pr

So should you worry about your privacy?

First, the hack performed by StarBug is quite complicated which requires a very good expertise and special equipments that not all people might know how to use them. Unlike PIN unlocking system – which your friend might spot you unlocking your iPhone with your PIN — this hack require people to take your phone away for sometime.

Second, if you lost your iPhone, it depends upon how important documents you have in it. If you are a very important person who always carry important informations on your iPhone, the hack might worth it. Otherwise, not.

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