iPhone 5C Clone

The Cloned iPhone 5C to Power Android and Will Cost Just $99 In China

iPhone 5C Clone

It’s confirmed that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5C will be cheaper than its next major release iPhone 5S, but still iPhone 5C could be ‘costly’ for many people.

Here’s a good news: A smartphone cloning company, Goodphone, has already and Android powered alternative which will be on sale for just $100 in China. The cloned phone is called ‘i5C’ which looks very similar to the real iPhone 5C based on the ‘leaked pictures’ we’ve seen so far.

i5C is said to have a 4-inch display with 960×540 resolution which is noticeably lower than the iPhone 5. Apart from the display, i5C has pretty good internals, but not as good as upcoming rumored iPhone 5S.

i5C comes with 1.2GHz dual-core processor and with quad-band GSM and 3G connectivity, 1GB RAM, 8MP rear and 2MP front camera and will run on Android 4.2 OS.

The external design of i5C is comparatively similar to the original upcoming iPhone 5C. The only one thing different is that there’s ‘Goodphone’ text instead of Apple logo.

Don’t be hopeless, Goodphone is a pretty good company which has been known for the smartphone clones, and it has been making loads of clones of Apple product lately.

i5C will be available after the release of iPhone 5C, and you’ll able to get your hands on it for just $99.

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