T Mobile Selling iPhones and iPads For $0 Down With Free Shipping

t mobile selling iphones and ipadsT-Mobile selling iPhones and iPads for $0 down payment as according to their official announcement today. While it previously only sold the iPads on instalments, it would now feature iPhones too. The deal starts from today and will continue for an unreported period of time.

T-Mobile is offering the iPhone 5S (16GB) and iPhone 5C (16GB) models for $0 down payment and at $27 and $22.91 monthly rate for the phones. You can also get the 4G capable iPads at a $26.05 per month for the iPad Air and $22.08 for the new iPad Mini with retina display.

The commulative prices come out to be $648 and $550 for the iPhone 5S and 5C whereas $625 and $530 for the iPad Air and the new iPad Mini.

The company asks you to sign a 24-month Simple Choice Plan under which the respective prices are set. 24-months is the only period currently available in the contract.

Customers can get iPhone 5s in the 16GB model for $0 down with 24 equal monthly payments of $27, with a no annual service contract Simple Choice Plan. Customers can get iPhone 5c in the 16GB model for $0 down with 24 equal monthly payments of $22.91.
Low upfront costs combined with our affordable Simple Choice Plan make T-Mobile a great overall value this holiday season. Simple Choice includes unlimited talk, text and Web on our nationwide 4G LTE network and now unlimited text and data in 100+ countries – at no extra charge – reported T-Mobile

The contract is however only available for the 16GB models of the devices. T-Mobile is also alongside providing free shipping across the globe on all deliveries. Free gifts such as the Bluetooth headsets are also provided under this gifts campaign warming up the weather for the holiday season.

T-mobile has roughly sold over 540,000 iPhone models in the third quarter of 2013. This sale will not only promote the Apple’s product but will also boost T-Mobiles selling rates.

These deals are also applicable to several other devices via T-Mobile.

While the Christmas sales will let us actually visualize a lot more of such sales on Apple products from various vendors, this T-Mobile offer is something not to just let go of. If you’re intending to buy the new iPhones and iPad Mini, better just act now.

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