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T-Mobile Schedules September 20th to 22nd For Employee Blackout

Gold iPhone
Gold iPhone

Ahead of Apple’s September 10 iPhone unveiling event, TmoNews accounts that T-Mobile stores in the United States is prepared to black out September 20 through September 22nd as the days when their retail employees will not able to take the holidays.

Blackout reason on the given dates seem so obvious; to provide the sufficient customer support in the first date of launch of new iPhone. The launch begin so anticipated, the carries are already taking the steps to make sure their customers get required assistance.

Apple is expected unveil rumoured iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S on the September 10 event.

iPhone 5S is expected to have faster performance, improved camera, gold color choice, and built-in fingerprint sensor. The iPhone 5C is iOS 7 powered and plastic cased iOS device which will be available in different colour options.

Apple usually announce the new iPhone on the media on Tuesday or Wednesday, and the device will be available for general public on Friday of the following week.

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