Apple Releases iPhone 6, Comes in 4.7″ & 5.5″ Screen Sizes

The wait is finally over. Apple has just announced their flagship phone for 2014. They have not only released one but two flagship phones this time around.

Dubbed iPhone 6, the phone will be available in two different sizes : 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch. The 5.5 incher has a bigger 2915 mAh battery and a higher resolution screen. Apart from these details, the two models are extremely identical.


iPhone-6-and-6-plus-released-alltimemacThe 4.7″ iPhone will simply be known as iPhone 6 while the 5.5″ iPhone will be called iPhone 6 Plus. The earlier which suggested that 5.5″ iPhone will be called iPhone Air turned out to be false. Both the models come with improved 8MP iSight Camera. iPhone 6 comes with True tone dual LED flash which promises to deliver better phones even with flash is turned on . The processor clock speed is increased too.

What you are now getting is an improved A8 dual core processor clocked @ 1.4GHz. In comparison, iPhone 5s had a processor clocked @ 1.3GHz. According to Apple,  iPhone 6 has 25% improved performance then the iPhone 5s. Graphics has improved  by 50%.  Both models of iPhone 6 comes with 1GB of RAM.

Physically, iPhone 6 is very much identical to iPhone 5/5s. It retains the fingerprint scanner embedded in the iPhone 5s . The speaker grill is located in the rear. No, there is no stereo speaker even this time around.

In the rear, along side with the speaker sits Lightning connector for data transfer and charging the phone. The increased screen size is the real differentiator. 4.7″ iPhone 6 is going to be a hit just because it is large. Many people didn’t buy the iPhone due to its tiny 4″ screen. 4.7″ screen size is just perfect both in terms of utility and pocketibility.

There is one notable change in hardware side of things, though. The power button placement has changed to the right side of the phone. This make a lot of sense as the phone has gone bigger and the power button being on top would have made it difficult to press.



The new iPhone 6 camera retains the 8MP unit, but the entire module has been renewed.The camera in the iPhone 6 Plus now includes optical image stabilization (OIS) and should improve low lightperformance. iPhone 6 will has to rely on digital image stabilization.

The pixel size of the sensor has increased which means the phone will take sharper images than ever. 4K Video recording is not present in either of the models. What the phone does best has to be 1080p Video recording. Now, you can record your videos at 60fps. The front facing 720p camera can record HD video at 120fps.

iOS 8

Siri is better than ever. Siri is now faster and can understand more languages. iPhone 6 will run iOS 8 when it is launched and will come pre-loaded with Apple’s all new fitness app.

iOS 8 brings a lot of improvement hope which will make iPhone 6 more snappy than it was before. iOS 8 promises to provide better multi-tasking capability. The notification bar is tweaked too which now enables user to reply from the notification bar itself.

Battery Life


The battery life of iPhone 6 is impressive too. The bigger 5.5″ impresses in this segment. The 2915mAh battery found in iPhone 6 Plus has standby time of 16 days! You can continuously playback audio for 80 hours and watch video for 14 hours. These are really good figures. If the battery rating Apple has provided holds true in day-to-day figures too, iPhone 6 will be a monster when it comes to battery.

After resisting NFC for years, Apple has finally included NFC in iPhone 6. NFC serves a lot of purposes today. iPhone 6 will be using it for mobile payment system. You can link your iPhone to your camera (NFC capable) by just touching each other!

Pricing and Availability

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus will launch in eight countries on September 19. On contract, the 16GB version will sell for $199 on contract in the US and spending $299 will buy you a 64GB model!. Add $100 more and you will be getting a whooping 128GB model! All the major carriers will be selling iPhone 6. Off-contract, you can buy iPhone 6 for 649$.

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