iPhone 5S Unlocked For Sale At Apple’s U.S Online Stores

iphone 5s unlocked for sale priceApple offers iPhone 5S unlocked for sale at their U.S online stores. The unlocked sim-free GSM phones will be able to operate on several mobile networks. Apple released the iPhone 5S this September but it was available for contract and/or including a carrier.

The previous model worked only on AT&T and T-mobile carrier and you could also get the device for a contract with these operators. The unlocked models however will be supporting most of the carrier services from across the globe. The device is however made available only for the U.S Online stores.

The prices for the 16, 32 and 64GB iPhone 5S unlocked models are $649, $749 and $849, respectively.

A greater percentage of the carrier-specific iPhone 5S models Apple previously sold were unlocked manually for use with other carrier services. This has been a habit with all the previous Apple releases and the practice is also very popular among other smartphones.

The phone is currently available only in the online stores and the delivery time for all the different models is 1-2 weeks. Apple will soon make the product available at retails stores as well. The delivery time is the same for all models of the iPhone 5S.

The increasing order list of the 5S might actually make it hard for Apple to cope with the predefined deadline but they seem confident about it.

The iPhone 5C unlocked version was made available at its launch in September. The 5S model was however delayed untill now. Many international companies however had access to the unlocked 5S model but the release was not made public.

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