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iPhone 5s Online Ordering To Start On Friday The 20th At 12:01AM PDT

iphone 5s online ordering starting next friday
Apple has announced that it will start the online ordering for the iPhone 5s on the coming Friday, September 20th at 12:01 AM PDT (3:01 AM EST). Apple announced its new phones recently and also started taking the pre-orders for the iPhone 5c models this morning.

Apple made it very clear that the iPhone 5s models will not be available for pre-ordering. Although the high demand and pre-ordering of the 5c model hints to great success chances of the 5s models too but Apple had something entirely different in mind.

iPhone 5s is the Apple’s flagship smartphone for the next year and is a really powerful machine specifications wise. It features the new 64-bit A7 CPU which is believed to be a big performance improvement. iPhone 5s models are expected to work about 40% faster than the original iPhone 5 models.

The phone features a 4.0 inch retina display and a dual-flash at the back. Touch ID or the fingerprint sensor is also something unique in the iPhone 5s as compared to the previous models. Although it got hit by many conspiracy theories, it still stands as a great improvement in the phone.

Lastly, the iOS7 would be something worth going for because of the many improvements made over the previous. The phone will have higher graphics and processing capacities as compared to the predecessors.

Online ordering has just one disadvantage in the current scenario. Hundreds of thousands of buyers from all over the world will try to order the phone on the same time it is going to be made available. The delivery process therefore would be an issue and lags and delays will be greatly observed here.

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