iPhone 5C Low Demand Makes Apple Reduce Its Production Orders

iphone-5c-low-demandThe iPhone 5C low demand makes Apple reportedly cut its production orders by a further one-third. Recently Apple reduced iPhone 5C orders because of the decreasing price in the grey markets and now would be doing it again so as to balance out with the product’s demand.

The so-called cheap version of the iPhone 5S was introduced by Apple and according to their officials, would have done more business than the iPhone 5S just because its comparatively cheap. The situation however, is otherwise.

Apple therefore decides to cut the iPhone 5C production orders to a further one-third and focus majorly on the iPhone 5S production.

According to the most recent statistics, the number of iPhone 5S products sold is double the amount the iPhone 5C crossed. The production speeds and orders however were in favor of the iPhone 5C since they call it easier to make.

Under the current scenario, the supply of the iPhone 5C is much much greater than its demand. Its demand, in other words, is decreasing and soon coming to an end, while the the production rates were never really slowed down.

The iPhone 5S works on the converse mechanism, its demand in much more than its supply, quite unexpectedly though.

An iPhone 5S vs 5C comparison would obviously claim 5S the winner but from a business point of view, 5C is the better one. While people mostly call it a failure product, it still got some major and top-level sale numbers in various regions.

Apple, in its September 10 event, introduced the high-spec iPhone 5S and the low-budget iPhone 5C hoping the high price of the former might shift people to the latter one and company would still benefit from production. The situation however is the other way around and Apple is trying its best to cope with the increasing iPhone 5S supply.

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