iPad Pro

Apple’s iPad Pro Rumors, Price, Specs, Release Date In Details

iPad Pro

The sales of the iPad have been declining for five straight quarters and the tech giant will be looking to make a statement with the next generation of its flagship tablet.

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The iPad has remained the face in the tablets category, but a horde of competitors from the Samsung’s Galaxy series of tablets to the Nexus tablets to the lower-end tablets have cut into Apple’s market share ever since iPad Air 2 Mini 3 was launched in October 2014.

Apple’s Researched, Added Features

Apple has introduced a horde of new features to its various products for the past few months.

These include the Force Touch, which is pressure-sensitivity technology, to the new MacBook track-pads, the Apple Pay services which continue to grow and add retail partners.

The Apple Watch was also introduced in the past few months. There are talks and rumors that these technologies could be incorporated in to the new iPad too.

Naming Of iPad Pro

The Cupertino, California based tech giant has characteristically remained very quiet and tight-lipped about its developments regarding the Apple iPad.

The internet is rife with rumors and speculations of just about everything regarding the new iPad – speeds, feeds, designs and features of the new device.

Even the product name has not been officially confirmed and “iPad Pro” and “iPad Plus” are the names that most agree to.

Rumored Release Date

ipad pro

The fact that this is only a rumored device notwithstanding; we will discuss the top predictions that have alighted to the surface about this rumored device.

There was some speculation that Apple might introduce the new iPad at the World Wide Developers Conference held by the company on June 8. But that of course did not happen.

iPad was announced the best tablet in 2013. Since 2012, Apple has launched its iPads typically during October or November, generally a month after the new iPhone is unveiled and the smart money is on the company following that schedule. In 2013, Apple announced iPar Air in October.

The iPad Pro release event may not just be an iPad event, but also the official release of the OS X El Capitan. Just like Apple announced OX X Mavericks in the iPad event in 2013.

Besides, an autumn release would also make the product available to be used with the iOS 9, Apple’s latest mobile operating system. Of course while the standard-sized iPads are nearly guaranteed, the rumored iPad Pro may not be available until 2016, if at all.

Rumored Specification

There are rumors that the new iPad Pro will have a screen size between 12.2 inches to 12.9 inches.

The larger size of the display will be an advantage of the new iPad against the smaller version ones with Mini at 7.9 inch and the Air 2 at 9.7 inch.

Of course, it is difficult to imagine a tablet that is thinner the Air 2 measuring 6.1 millimeters which is just a few millimeters thicker than the slimmest tablet in the market Dell Venue 8 7000.

The availability of new colors is always a option, but Apple could also move away from the current generation’s preferences of gold, silver and space gray.

iOS on iPad Pro

Apple has already released a lot of news about its latest mobile operating system, the iOS 9 at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Most notable amongst these announcements is that the multitasking capabilities of the iOS have been improved. iOS 9 may introduce new features like the split-screen view and new gesture-based controls which will only be supported on Air 2 and this rumored iPad Pro.

Apple also announced that the iPad’s digital QuickType keyboard would be able to modify itself to a digital track-pad that will make it easier to select, drag and paste large chunks of text.

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