iPad Leading The Best Selling Tablets List 2013 In The U.S, Chromebook Beats MacBook

ipad tops best selling tablets list 2013

According to a survey carried out by The NPD Group, Apple iPad leads the best selling tablets list of 2013 while Google’s Chromebook beats the MacBook Pro by a decent margin.

The iPad accounted for a total of 15.8% of the personal computing device sales in the U.S this year. Apple has lost its tablet market share by a 1.3% as compared to last year where it stood at 17.1%. It still however beats the Android tablets  by a decent 7.1% and the Windows tablets by 13.6%.

The Android and Windows tablets however showed a fair 4.5% and 1.4% increase respectively as compared to the last year.

As for the tablets-only chart, Apple’s iPad sales account for a total of 59% beating Android and Windows altogether.

Hard luck for Apple’s notebook department as the sales of Google’s Chromebooks in the U.S grew to 9.6% in the year 2013 thereby leading the MacBooks by 1.8%. Windows on the other hand leads the charts with a 34.1% share which was up to 42.9% the last year. The 8.8% percent decrease seems to have done Apple and Google no good currently.

Notebooks are also currently observing heavy share losses to tablets according to reports which also claim the tablets to be taking over the notebooks in the near future. The current statistics however show the notebook department outselling the tablets by a fair margin.

Apple refreshed the line of tablets and notebooks by introducing the new MacBook Pro, iPad Air and the new iPad Mini with Retina Display. Retina Display was also made a part of the new 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pros released at the October event.

While the scores were believed to be in favor of Apple because of the refreshes, it seems like Apple might need some more time to make its mark. Apple will also be focusing on another refresh for the upcoming year.

Apple’s share in both the notebook and tablet markets have reduced but it still manages to outsell them altogether. Other manufacturers don’t seem to have a chance against Apple in the tablet department in the coming years.

Same is not the case with notebooks where Google seems in a much better position to knock off Microsoft than Apple. Seems like Apple’s refreshes are not really giving it what it expected here.

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