Comparing The Black iPhone 5 With Graphite iPhone 5S [VIDEO]

black iphone 5 with graphite iphone 5s

A UK based energy comparison service uSwitch made a hands-on video on the new iPhone 5S graphite color casing and compared it with the original black iPhone 5. With the two phones placed alongside, the color difference can easily be observed.

uSwitch basically put the devices up together and so got the chance to show the glimpses of the new iPhone casing. The video shows a side by side comparison of the two colors which clearly shows the difference.

Apple is rumored to be releasing two new colors for the iPhone, the graphite and black, and the gold and white color. Out of the total four colors of the new phone, the graphite and black combination however seems the most decent and attractive.

The casing shapes are almost identical, just that the flash hole is slightly larger on the new iPhone 5S because of the new dual flash support which was not present in the original iPhone. The rest of the structure is pretty much the same.

The second upcoming iPhone, the 5C is however expected to be coming in a large variety of colors including even a pink model. The colors on the 5S are however set decent and proper. The iPhone 5S differs from the 5C in hardware capabilities, the 5S being the powerful one among the two.

The original black color will however not be available for the new iPhone 5s. These new iPhone smartphones are to be announced officially by Apple in their tomorrow’s iPhone Event at the headquarters, California at 10 A.M. pacific time.

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