Apple Retail Personal Pickup Service Available For iPhone 5s, 5c Models

apple offers the personal pickup service for iphone 5s, 5cApple today announced that it is extending the retail Personal Pickup service for its new iPhone models, the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. Considering the increasing demand for the the new iPhones, which can be determined by their record breaking sales this weekend, this was a necessary step taken by Apple for making the buying of iPhone 5s, 5c online,  simpler.

The Personal Pickup service allows you to order any specific model of the iPhone 5s or 5c and then collect it from your nearby Apple store.

Although a vast majority of people have already got their hands on the new iPhone there still are some people left. The personal pickup service lets you select a model of your iPhone, check its availability and then collect it from your nearby Apple store anytime you want. The availability statistics are updated at 10PM every night.

Apple first introduced this service for the iPhone 5 and recorded major increases in the sale percentages which is why it has now been launched for the 5s and 5c models too.

Apple is the most discussed topic these days probably because of the several new introductions it made.

Their iOS7 which itself hit 200 million users and these new iPhones which are reported to have exceeded the Apple’s previous iPhones sales rates tremendously.

There resides a community of the planet that will at any level against the new iPhone or the iOS but one cannot deny the fact that it has become the most fastest growing smartphone in the least time.

With the in-store pickup services made available, Apple’s score in the market will boost up more rapidly than the current rate. Apple users who could not get their desired iPhone from the nearby stores can get that now in an efficient manner, thanks to Apple.

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