siri comes out of beta stage

Siri Finally Comes Out Of The ‘Beta’ Stage

siri comes out of beta stage
Apple announces that Siri is no more in the Beta testing stage and has now been completely finalized for iOS7. It was an unofficial announcement and was indicated by the change observed in Apple’s website. The Siri page that first added beta with it is now missing the word beta. Technically, Apple should have introduced it with their new iPhones and the iOS7.

Apple announced Siri in October 2011 with the introduction of the iPhone 4S. Siri is a voice-activated app for the iOS devices that helps you effectively issue voice commands to your iPhone and do really useful stuff with it. While mostly people used to ask stupid questions from it, it has actually come in handy a lot of times.

The prime reason for adding the Beta tag with the version was the fact that such technologies have a great tendency of improving with experience. The hard workers at Apple tried their best to produce an ultimate tool but it couldn’t have reached its current standing if it weren’t for the people who used that.

With the accuracy and user feedback, Siri was periodically improved and updated until now when Apple decided that a finalized and ultimate version has been prepared. Though the improvements can still be carried on, but all the necessary ones have already been planted in the nearly two years span.

The recent major improvements in the Siri feature were the massive interface upgrade, and the option to select a male voice for the Siri which was female all this time and the sexists had their riots against Apple.

This probably was meant to be scheduled with the iOS7 which is coming in a couple of days. Apple wanted to provide the iOS7 users a whole new Siri experience with great new features and the removal of the dangerous ‘Beta’ tag.

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