Official Google Music iOS App To Be Released This Month

google announces official music ios app
Google announces to release their official Music iOS app later this month. This announcement was made by Sundar Pichai, their senior Vice President and manager of the Android department.

This announcement comes shortly after Google Play Music All Access feature that was launched the preceding month. According to the officials, their sole purpose here was to get more users. The concept is identified by their lines, “when there’s a mass of users, we invest in more platforms.”

Sundar also mentioned about making the availability of the service universal which is why they are going towards iOS now. By his words “universally accessible”, he basically refers to investing in another smartphone platform giant, the iOS.

While Google has its own platform, Android, to manage, their focus perhaps for now is to get more engaged with the outer world as well and not just stay confined in the prescribed limits. From a strategical point of view, this is a great step forward.

The Google Play Music All Access service enables you to stream high quality audio onto your smartphone or tablet at just $9.99 per month. The service which was Android-specific until now, can and will also be enjoyed by the iOS ones.

Although we don’t really see such lags from Google, but Google has been up to releasing this app from a long time. The first announcement was made in May, this year. Even after four months, its availability lies a question.

In Google’s words, some pesky DRM issues caused all that delay and is thankfully done with. All we can do is trust.

The world we live in also supports the living of pirates, hackers, and wrong-doers. The unofficial apps like gMusic had already been launched for the iOS devices. Surprisingly, they’d let you access the All Access feature without a hassle.

The need for the official app therefore does not remain, but an announcement once made has to be accommodated and so we’re landed with this story by Google today.

The app is rumored to be released this month. The issues stopping its release have been resolved. Soon, Apple users will be able to stream high quality audio right on their iOS devices at just a $9.99 per month subscription.

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