Hipjot For iPhone Features A Swiping Keyboard Capable Of 120WPM Speed

hipjot for iphone swipe keyboard ios
Hipjot for iPhone is a note taking app that features a swipe keyboard which is tested to be capable of supporting 120 words per minute. The iOS app is designed to allow users to type with two hands using swipe gestures.

iOS unlike Android does not support the custom keyboards as yet. However, the developers can create custom keyboards for their apps to be used there. Yose Widjaja is the creator of the keyboard in Hipjot.

With two finger inputs, you can be a lot more explicit in your touches, so it allows you to type without choosing what you want to type, most of the time, while retaining a comfortable swipe where you want to. One finger swipes are inferior in that words like ‘paraphernalia’ forces your finger to go left/right so much – says Widjaja to Macrumors

The Hipjot is a hybrid of the standard iOS touch keyboard and the swipe gensture control as the keyboard can be used in any of these two ways. Users can type individual letters as well as use swipe gestures. The keyboard therefore works in dual typing mode.

The main difference between Hipjot’s keyboard and that of some other is the two hand gestures which have not yet been seen in any other platform including Android. The two hand gestures along with the dual typing mode allows the users to attain an impressive typing speeds.

Swype, the Android swiping keyboard is reported to achieve a maximum of 50 words per minute. The iOS counterpart is hence several times faster.The peak speed achieved by Hipjot is 120 words which is quite a large value for a touch keyboard.

The iOS is not made flexible enough to support custom keyboards. While only a few usesrs complain about their standard keyboard, this decision might as well need to be changed. With the dual-swipe keyboard as feaatures in Hipjot, users will be able to perform better typing.

Widjaja is ready to work with other developers so as to make this keyboard available officially in iOS. Apple has however yet to decide.

While Hipjot is mainly considered for its unique keyboard, it is also a great note taking app with several features packed. The app store is offering the app at $1.99. [DirectLink]

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