Official Google Play Movies & TV iOS App Released, Stream High Quality Google Play Content Directly On Your iOS Device

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Google officially releases a Google Play Movies & TV iOS app on the App Store. The iPhone and iPad users will now be able to stream high quality movies and TV shows directly from Google Play. The app will also allow the Chromecast users with iOS devices to stream Google Play movies and TV shows to the Chromecast. Google already released their official Google Music iOS app recently.

The Google Play Movies & TV app lets the users lets the users stream their purchased or rented movies and TV shows on their devices. The app until today, was Android exclusive but the service was also available on the web. Google however thought about getting some more traffic to its side by porting the app to iOS platform.

The overall design of the app on iOS is quite similar to its Android version, however the functionalities are not the same on both devices. The iOS version is quite limited and restricted.

Google didn’t allow the iOS users to purchase or rent movies and TV shows from within the app. Hence, they can only view the purchased content on their iOS device while the purchasing has to be carried out by either the Android app or by using the web service.

“Watch your favorite movies and shows instantly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from wherever you are. Buy or rent movies by visiting Google Play Store on any computer and watch them from any device over Wi-Fi using the Google Play Movies & TV app”, quotes Macrumors

Not including the purchase feature technically halves the app’s features on iOS devices but there’s no way Google could’ve added that as a feature. This can be because of various Apple’s restrictions and rules. Appleinsider hints a possibility of Apple demanding to get their share on each purchase.

Google Play Movies & TV becomes the third Google Play app to land on iOS platform following Google Play Books and Google Play Music. Not to mention Google also introduced their Google Music app on iOS.

The 4.9MB app is available for free download on the App Store. [Direct Link]

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