Official Google Music IOS App Released


Official Google Music iOS app released finally after a long delay. The app, which was expected for the last month, finally comes to the iOS devices. The all-access feature which lets you listen all you can is also supported in the app.

The all-access and radio features which were rumored to be ported soon to the iOS devices are finally here and add a lot to the normal functionality of the music app.

Google Music is a direct attempt against Apple’s iTunes music although they greatly differ in concept.

Google has kept a balance at the developing side for the Android and the iOS departments making both the apps technically equal.

With the $9.99 all-access feature with advanced radio services, the app really stands out among its counterparts.

The app allows you to create custom radio stations and music libraries. The track and artist database is also greatly populated making it a one stop app for such purpose.

The most important feature embedded which might as well also said to be a part of several basic music app is the cloud support. Users can stream live audio at any platform they require. With the app integration with almost all of the platforms, the app is a must have.

Over 20,000 songs can be uploaded by a free user which can be made globally accessible.

While Apple is at a better position with its iTunes app, the Google attempt is also not just a simple concept and will be greatly appreciated among the public because of its great success on other platforms.

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