Google Chrome Bug Reveals Private Browsing History In iOS7

google chrome bug reveals private history in ios7A Google Chrome bug reveals all the private browsing history on the iOS7 devices. Soon after the release of the iOS7, Google released an updated client of Chrome for the platform. The browser’s incognito mode, which is meant to store no records, shares the records with the standard profile somehow and they’re openly displayed in the search bar.

Google Chrome browser has always received the most user feedback and conviction because of just being a perfect browser in all aspects. Google therefore also released the app for smartphones and tablets, other than the Windows Phone platforms ones because of pretty much obvious reasons.

Chrome’s Incognito mode is designed to be used when doing some secret or private browsing. The browser saves no records, history, cookies or anything, from that session.

The iOS app bug however works otherwise. The incognito mode’s typed URLs or searches come up directly in the search bar and that technically is a threat to the privacy of many.

No one really intends to share their private history with others, which is technically the sole purpose of the Incognito mode. But under the current scenario, you’d have to remove your entire browsing history should someone asks to use your device.

The issue was first identified by a UK-based developer house Parallax. TechCrunch has reported the bug to Google and hence, the solution is also rumored to be provided soon.

Google should now offer an update for the Chrome client that would perfectly fix this issue, or stop dreaming about getting into the iOSphere because this is just this one bug that got identified, you never know what and how much more’s coming and people don’t take long to change their minds.

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