Flappy Bird Removed From App Store As Promised By Developer

flappy bird removed
Flappy Bird removed from the App Store as promised by the developer Dong Nguyen in his recent Tweets. The free app was the number one hit on the iPhone and iPad. It still shows up in the App Store but cannot be downloaded anymore.

Within a month after its launch on the App Store, flappy bird hit millions of smartphone devices and was making a decent $50,000 a day revenue from the in-app ads.

Developer Nguyen said Flappy Birds has given him fame and attention he cannot simply handle and so he took the game down from both the iOS and Android stores.

The free hit was not a complex job for the developer but the press just disturbed his life. He just wanted to seek some “peace”.

He also mentioned in one of his Tweets that he will not sell this game to some other developer neither will continue the development himself. Although there might be many rip-offs of the game but the original golden flappy goose has passed away for good.

Dong’s Tweets brought upon several theories and logics behind the sudden decision. While some people actually believed the poor man’s story, several considered this to be a publicity stunt as to grab the most downloads in one day.

While the developer might actually be playing a clever marketing game here and release a sequel to the game in some days while the Flappy Bird is popular among masses, the original game is really out of the scene.

The direct link leads to the game page but it is not available to download at the moment. The game page will be removed too in some time.

Those who still have the game downloaded need not to worry a bit. Others can check out the other top games like Super Ball Juggling and Shuriken Block from the same developer.

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