‘Flappy Bird’ To Be Taken Down From The App Store By Tomorrow, Says Developer Dong Nguyen

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In a recent Twitter post, the developer of viral hit ‘Flappy Bird’ promises to remove the game from the App Store by tomorrow. The popular game was a hit on the iPhone and iPad and now the developer wants to take it down because he just can’t handle this much attention.

Dong says Flappy Bird’s success is pure luck and that he didn’t put much effort in it. He repeatedly said the press was “overrating the success of the game” and now he seeks “peace”.

Flappy Bird is the Temple Run of today. Every smartphone user has it and is constantly busy with it. The game physics is simple yet it’s addictive such that every one today is seen guiding the bird out of those pipes. It is THE most played game on iOS and Android these days.

Developer Nguyen says that he didn’t expect and want this much success of the game. The fame and attention the game gave him is disturbing his peaceful life and so he took this decision of taking this down.

I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot take this anymore.

It is not anything related to legal issues. I just cannot keep it anymore.

I also don’t sell ‘Flappy Bird’, please don’t ask, Tweeted Dong

Dong says he’s not going to see the game to some other developer neither will continue the development on this title himself. He’ll continue to make more games but the Flappy Bird will have to make do.

In a recent update of the game before this announcement, all the social sharing within the app was removed but now the whole thing will be gone.

Those still having the game can still play of course. You can download the game for free from the App Store until its takedown in a few hours. [Direct Link]

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