Beats Music For iOS Launch Delayed Until 2014

beats music for iosBeats Music for iOS which was expected to be released this year is further delayed. The service will now be made available in January, 2014 according to rumors. The launch was previously confirmed for this year by the President and COO of the company but due to some technicalities, we’re observing a delay.

Beats Music which is mainly a streaming service the company is providing will be released on iOS, android and even on web browsers. The service lets you stream high quality beats certified audio right on your device from the internet. The browser compatibility makes the service available on almost every smart device.

Jimmy Iovine, the man behind the project Beats has achieved tremendous success by the Beats by Dre headphone line and would also be responsible for this specific product. The release was scheduled for 2013 in the start but the rumors now say its postponed to January next year.

I’ve heard different theories explaining the cause of the delay. Some people tell me that the company has been tinkering with the service, which will give subscribers all the music they can stream for a monthly fee. Others say Beats won’t be ready to launch until it hammers out a distribution deal with a telco, most likely AT&T -reports AllthingsD

Beats Music service as explained by the developers would be something extremely different from the other mainstream streaming services. They previously explained the whole thing as sort of a mood sensor that would play music relevant to your taste profile.

In simple words, the service would let you decide the type of music you need and then would intelligently find the best one for you based on your history and taste profiles, like mentioned. The service will rely on human beings and not really on computers.

Beats however will have to survive and make its mark in the world densely populated with Spotify, Google Music, Pandora and several other music streaming services. Its success in the long run can really not be predicted. Yes, the app determines your mood, but not with a success guarantee for every trial.

The January, 2014 launch is however not confirmed either but Beats would certainly not keep the people waiting for long. We should be expecting the service in a month therefore.

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