Apple Store Apps For iPad And iPhone Updated With Minor Improvements

apple store apps for ipad
Apple updated the Apple Store apps for iPad and iPhone with some minor improvements in both. The iPhone version update improves notifications while the iPad version gets gift card purchases.

The In-Store notifications feature in the iPhone update (version 2.9.2) of the Apple Store app allows users in the United States to view their notifications within the app as well as on the lock screen.

The iPad app (version 1.1) is not much different from its predecessor. In-Store Notifications are still not added. The only changes observed are the ability to purchase Apple Store Gift Cards within the app.

Improvements to in-store notifications, including ability to view notifications in the app as well as on Lock screen. (US only)

Now buy Apple Store Gift Cards right from the app. Gift cards can be shipped by mail or delivered within 24 hours via email and they’re available in any amount from $25 – $2,000, quotes MacRumors

The notifications include store events, prouct reviews, online order information and iPhone upgrade eligibility.

In-Store notifications were first introduced in the Apple Store app in December with the iBeacon technology for allowing users to easily get information about products from within Apple stores.

The Apple Store Gift Cards can be purchased from within the Apple Store app for iPad in any amount from $25 to $2000 and are emailed or delivered via mail.

Both the apps also address minor bugs and performance issues on the devices.

Apple Store app can be downloaded for free from the iOS App Store. [iPhone Version][iPad Version]

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