12 Days Of Gifts Concludes With Rolling Stones Mini Album

apple concludes 12 days of gifts ios app rolling stones album free giftApple concludes the annual 12 Days Of Gifts for 2013.  The last gift Apple gave its users was The Rolling Stones’ concert film “Sweet Summer Sun – Hyde Park Live”, a 2013 mini album consisting of three songs. The 12 Days of gifts app offers 12 free gifts to iOS users in the Holiday season.

“Sweet Summer Sun” marks end of the 12 Days Of Gifts from Apple launched on December 26. The mini-album offered has the following three live songs in it:

  • Tumbling Dice
  • Bull Beast of Burden
  • Doom and Gloom

These songs were recorded in London Hyde Park’s concert in 2013.

The 12 Days of Gifts is a free iOS app made available annually on the iTunes Store in the Holiday season which lets the user download a free digital gift everyday.

This year, users from U.S, Canada and Europe got several songs, apps, e-books and movies through the app. A gift was however available for download for one day only.

Users from U.S were introduced with the service this time which was previously only made available for Canada and Europe. The report sheets show great traffic rates on Apple Store during these dates.

The service kicked off with Justin Timberlake’s tracks from this years iTunes festival in London. Several other goodies were released in the days afterwards.

The last gift would still be available for some time. In case if you missed this one or have not been following the scheme, its better to grab the Rolling Stones’ masterpiece while it is still available for free. To do so, grab the 12 Days of Gifts app from the store and claim your prize.

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