iPhone 6 restarting randomly

iPhone Keeps Restarting? Here’s How to Fix

iPhone 6 restarting randomly

So you have bought a pretty iPhone device which was doing well for a while and suddenly begins rebooting. Not once or twice, but several times. It seems that you are in big trouble. What’s in your mind now?

Obviously, you may want to get that device replaced in Apple Store. If your new iPhone is restarting, you can easily replace it without paying anything. You can do it if your iPhone freezes, reboots and shuts off all the time.

What if your older iPhone is restarting which is running out of warranty period? For others who are not lucky, read on to know how to fix it.

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This problem is common in older models, say iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s etc. which are upgraded to iOS 8 or latest. It must be incompatibility issue between hardware and software. But it is Apple, not Android! In fact, even iPhone 4s works smoothly with iOS 8. Here are the ways to fix your iPhone which keeps restarting, shutting down or freezing.

Turn On/Off Mobile Data

Sounds strange yet impossible; but many people sorted out this problem by turning their mobile data off and turning it on again. This is the easiest thing to try.

Reboot iPhone

It is easy to reboot an iPhone. All you need to hold home and power button simultaneously for a couple of seconds. Wait for the Apple logo to appear and to reboot your iPhone.

Reset Your Device

Just head to Settings => General => Reset => Reset All.

Faulty Apps

Even though Apple’s App Store is known to be very protected and secured, there are certain apps not actually best for your iPhone. In fact, one of these apps may ruin your user experience. If you have downloaded any app which led this problem, just remove it from your device, no matter how popular this app is. Just delete that app, reboot your device and sync with iTunes to see if this problem is sorted out.

Restore from Old Backup

Have you not got this fixed yet? You may try restoring data from old backup. If your iPhone keeps restarting again and again, this step is a bit tough. Connect iPhone to iTunes on PC and restore the data from old backup. Things might go normal again if you are lucky. You can go for Recovery Mode

+ Restore which is the best solution. If your iPhone restarts again and again in every two to three minutes it is tougher to do.

All you need to hold the power and home button down till screen turns black. Then connect the device to iTunes which will detect the device in recovery mode. You can restore your iPhone then. If things go well, you will be able to setup your iPhone and you can set it as new.

Replacing Battery

Sometimes battery can cause a problem. If every other option is failed to get this problem fixed, you can replace your iPhone battery.

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