Microsoft Teases Apple About the New iPhones [UPDATE: Removed]

Microsoft just uploaded a video on their YouTube channel poking fun at the new iPhones. The video pretends the Apple’s planning meeting at the headquater in Cupertino and making fun of the gold color of iPhone, different colors of iPhone 5c and the new Touch ID feature iPhone 5c.

The video description reads as “It’s time to switch”.

Microsoft mocking apple

UPDATE: Microsoft has just took all of their videos down from YouTube by making them ‘private’. There were seven series of video dedicated to mock at the new iPhones. The videos had got a bunch of dislikes and negative comments from the YouTube users saying it is a bad marketing idea.

Apple Sued Over Misleading Breaking Bad Season Pass Offering

apple sued for misleading breaking bad season pass on itunes

Noam Lazebnik, a Breaking bad TV show fan from Ohio sued Apple for providing a false Season Pass for the show. The fifth and the last season of Breaking Bad is divided into two parts and Apple’s $22.99 season pass for iTunes was only effective for the first half although it is not meant to work that way. A proper action against this act by Apple has yet to be decided.
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Apple Started Asking Developers for iOS 7 Optimized App Icons

Apple Asking Developers for iOS 7 Optimized App Icons

Apple’s iOS7 is about to launch probably alongside the new iPhones in September. Compared to the iOS 6, iOS 7 have slightly enlarged the Home screen icons.

To overcome with the interface issues, the apps developer needs to incorporate big size icons in their applications. iOS 7 icons are slightly larger with 120×120 pixel resolution where iOS 6 icons have 114×114 resolution. With regard to iPad, iOS 6 icons resolution is 114×114, in iOS 7 the resolution is 152×152.

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Put Your Hands On Plants vs Zombies 2!

After 4 years of its successful Plants vs Zombies release, PopCap has finally released its sequel; Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time.

Plants vs Zombies 2 Review

There’s two big things here. First is it’s FREE to play, and second is it’s packed up with full entertainment!

What’s New?

Well, if you’ve played the first part of the page, Plants vs Zombies, you’d find there are lots of different things in this new sequel.

Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time

This time it won’t be easy because Zombies are no more fool to walk slow enough so they can get destroyed before they reach to eat your Plants. They can now disarm your ‘stars’, and are more powerful.

You can now super charge the plant by feeding them. When you feed them once, they get super power to destroy most Zombies at once.

What I like?

There’s all new maps to fight with Zombies, and a lot of new options. Zombies has got a whole new outfits which greater armoury which makes the game more challenging and fun.

What I Don’t like?

I talked about the feeding the Plants earlier. It’s one of the great option, but you can feed one food only one plant, and buy a plant food costs you 1000 coins which quite quite hard to collect.

Your Thoughts

Overall, I loved the game. What about you? What’s your likes and dislikes? Share them on the comments below!