15 Best iPad Air Cases That Matches Your Type

Just the day after all-new iPad Air release, case makers are made many case for iPad Air available to purchase. The iPad Air and the iPad Air 2 is the most handy tablets from Apple, which is small in size in comparison to the iPad Pro.

The new iPad Air is features improved processing power, improved hardware and is as light as one pound.

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There’s already dozens of cases for iPad Air in the market, it’s quite hard to find the case that has all the features you want. So, we decided to list the best iPad Air cases that are loved by the users most.

Have an iPhone 5? Here’s 50 cool iPhone 5 cases.

In addition to Apple Smart Cover for iPad Air (costs $79), here we have listed up the best iPad Air and iPad air 2 cases of 2015 that you would love to use.

1. i-Blason Smart Leather iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Case

Smart leather iPad Air case

i-Blason’s Smart leather iPad Air case is one of the best iPad Air cases (iPad 5). This case has multiple function like you can use it flip stand to watch movies and videos and auto wake and sleep functionality. It has built-in pen holder and credit card slot as well. It’s available for both iPad Air and iPad Air 2.

Available on Amazon.com: Buy now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

2. Ionic bluetooth iPad Air/iPad Air 2 keyboard case

Cool and stylish!

Iconic’s bluetooth keyboard case turns your iPad Air into virtual laptop. It has a bluetooth keyboard and at its back there’s a stand that holds your iPad Air. It’s pretty cheap in comparison to other iPad cases with keyboard, which makes it one of the best iPad Air and iPad Air 2 cases!

Available on Amazon: Purchase it for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

3. Bear Motion iPad Air/iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case

Bear Motion keyboard iPad Air Case
Light weight case with keyboard!

If you’re looking to the lightest and slim iPad Air case with keyboard, then I bet you’ll be impressed by Bear Motion’s case for iPad air. Make up of leather, it’s a durable case with keyboard that has LED light indicators for charging and keyboard on or off indication.

Available on Amazon: Shop it for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

4. Fintie iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Slim Folio Case

Fintie Apple iPad Air case slim
Synthetic leather case for your iPad Air. Simply classic!

Fintie’s folio case for iPad Air is made of synthetic leather which looks very classy and simple. The built-in magnetic strip provides wake and sleep functionality and the smart holder is very useful for holding pen or stylus. You will certainly love its design!

Available on Amazon: Buy it now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

5. MoKo slim iPad Air/iPad Air 2 Leather Cover

MoKo Slim iPad Air Case
MoKo case for iPhone with classy design

MoKo case is made of PU leather that provides a classy look. This special case automatically puts your iPad Air to sleep or wake if the lid is open or closed. The built-in stand provides several angles, which is perfect for watching movie, typing an email or composing a post. The interior hand strap makes it very comfortable for one-hand operation.

Available on Amazon: Get it now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

6. Armorbox Protection Case

Provides full body protection to your iPad Air!

i-Bason’s Armorbox cover provides full body protection to your iPad Air or iPad Air 2. Exteriorly, it’s a hard shell and ventrally, it’s made of light weight silicon material that provides soft rest to your iPad Air. This is the perfect Otterbox series alternative because it is much lighter and provides equally heavy protection.

Available on Amazon.com: Buy now for iPad Air or for the iPad Air 2

7. Invellop Leatherette Case Cover

Hard case with slick design. Perfect for work, school and travel!

If you love using the case that is light-weight, but provides very good protection, then Invellop’s cover will best watch for you. It is light weight and ultra-thin with very slick design. Perfect case for traveling, using in school and work without having to worry about dropping your iPad Air 2 on the floor!

Available on Amazon: Order it for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

8. Snugg Flip Stand Case for iPad Air/iPad Air 2

Perfect for watching movies and using FaceTime.

The Snugg iPad Air case is here! A black foldable premium case as loved by thousands of iPad Air users so far. Stands up perfectly for watching videos, movies or using FaceTime and there is a cut out in the front so you can use the rare camera without taking the iPad Air out of the case.

Available on Amazon: Buy now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

9. Poetic Slimline Case

Poetic slimline case iPad Air
Case with cool folder design

Poetic StrapBack case has a sturdy folder design like Apple’s official case for iPad Air. Like the other cases, this case wakes and keeps your iPad Air in sleep upon opening and closing the lid. It’s available in 8 different colors.

Available on Amazon: Purchase it for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

10. Devicewear Slim Leather Cover

Devicewear Slim case for iPad Air
Slim and clean!

If you’re looking for a slim, simple and clean case for your iPad Air, then Devicewear case is what you’d love to use. This smart case keeps your iPad to sleep and awakes when you open or close the lid. It keeps your iPad Air closed with a simple magnetic lid.

Available on Amazon: Order now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

Bonus! Here are four more best iPad Air 2 cases:

CaseCrown iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Cover

CaseCrown iPad Air case
Budgeted and looks very cool!

CaseCrown is a budget case for your iPad Air which delivers the same quality as the cases listed above. It’s made up of durable water-resistant synthetic leather with soft micro fiber interior. With two standing and two viewing angles, this case is excellent for your every day use.

Available on Amazon: Buy now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

Ionic Designer iPad Air/iPad Air 2 Case

minimalist iPad Air case
Minimalist designer iPad Air case

Ionic Designer case is a minimalistic case for your iPad Air with sleep and wake up function. Made up of exterior leather, it has simple yet professional design. It has two other color variations.

Available on Amazon: Buy now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

Fintie 360 Degree Rotating Cases for iPad Air(2)

360 rotating ipad air case
360 rotating iPad Air case

Fintie 360 degree rotating iPad Air case makes it simple to transition between landscape and portrait mode. It’s unique design makes your iPad Air to stand out. The dual layer hard interior and the premium leather exterior provides your iPad Air and iPad Air 2 maximum protection.

Available on Amazon: Buy now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

Otterbox Defender Series

OtterBox Defender iPad Air Case
OtterBox Defender iPad Air Case

OtterBox‘s multi-layer Defender case protects your iPad Air against potential damage from scratches, dust, drops and bumps. This case has versatile shield stand that provides additional protection while travelling with your iPad Air. Check it out on Otterbox.

Native Union Gripster Case

Native Union iPad Air 2 Case
Native Union iPad Air 2 Case

As suggest by one of our readers, Robert, this is actually the most practical case for the iPad Air. It has 8 lockable positions to do various stuff and has integrated handle with which you can carry it around like a briefcase. It is designed for multipurpose functions like watching, typing, reading and gaming. You will definitely love using it!

Available on Amazon: Buy now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

So, there you go; our 10 of the best iPad Air case of 2015. Have you been using case and want to share your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

50 Cool iPhone 5 Cases That Fits Your Need

Best Cool iPhone 5 Cases
The Coolest iPhone 5 Cases

There are varieties of iPhone 5 cases in the market that you can choose from. You may have spent hours finding the best case for your iPhone.

You browse through Amazon and eBay, but you couldn’t find the one iPhone case you’re searching for. I know how tedious it is. We have collected the 10 cool iPhone cases. If you have the iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s then don’t worry because most of the iPhone case in the list below has availability for iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s as well.

Cool iPhone 5 Cases

Browse through the iPhone 5 cases by its type:

Here’s the coolest and best iPhone 5 cases that you would certainly love.

Minimalist iPhone 5 cases

Elago’s S5 Glide Case

Simple iPhone 5 Case
Simple, cheap and elegant

Elago’s S5 Glide Case: With simple and elegant design, it’s the most simplest and cool iPhone 5 case that serves for protection. If you love simplicity, you’ll love this case for your iPhone 5. This iPhone case is also available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. Buy it now on Amazon.

Spigen’s SPG slim case for iPhone 5

Looks very elegant and cool

Spigen’s SPG has two-toned color with metallic finish. It looks simply deluxe, simple, unique and provides full protection to your iPhone 5. Don’t like this color? No problem. You have a choice to choose from 9 different colors. Check it out on Amazon.

Realearth’s ringke super slim hard case

Professional looking iPhone case that looks amazing!

Realearth’s Ringke case is for your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s with great durability. It’s one color tone make your iPhone even more attractive. Check it out on Amazon.

Elago’s S5 Slim Fit case for iPhone 5 and 5s

Smooth case made up of aluminum

Elago’s S5 case is made up of smooth aluminum and polycarbonate which creates unique hybrid case. Buy it now on Amazon.

Targus Slim Fit Case for iPhone 5

Slim and clean!

Targus Slim Fit Case could be best case for your iPhone 5. It has clean and soft polycarbonate back with very beautiful design. Buy it now on Amazon.

Dodocase BookBlack case

A professional minimalist case for your iPhone

Dodocase BookBlack is a branded thin iPhone 5 case. One of the simplest and feels comfortable in your hand. Check it out on DoDoCase.

Snugg iPhone 5 ultra thin case

Perfectly blends in with your white iPhone 5

It’s highly scratch resistant case for iPhone with full access to all ports and connection points of iPhone 5. Buy it now on Amazon.

Moshi iGlaze ultra slim iPhone 5 case

Most minimalist!

A perfect minimalist iPhone case by Moshi. Designed as flash-friendly; which means unlike any other case, it doesn’t interfere flash with unwanted glares which taking pictures. Check it out on Amazon.

Slight 5 case by Desmay

Available in different colors.

Simplest and looks professional. Check it out on Desmay.

iSkin slim cases for iPhone 5

Amazingly designed iPhone 5/5scase by iSkin

Look at its design! It’s a polycarbonate case which is highly flexible, durable, slim and scratch resistant. Buy it now on Amazon.

Marware microshell iPhone 5 case

Looks deluxe and elegant.

A smooth and clean polycarbonate case iPhone 5 case with metallic edges. Simple and minimalist. Check it out on Amazon.

Budget Cheap iPhone 5 Cases

Luxmo rubber iPhone case

Case with a beautiful art

iPhone 5 case made up of rubber with a beautiful art at the back. Buy it now on Amazon.

Colorful mystery tribe case for iPhone

Colorful and beautiful!

A colorful iPhone case with great durability. Check it out on Amazon.

DreamWireless slim case iPhone 5 case

Slim compact case for iPhone 5

This cool case for your iPhone is provides long-lasting protection against scratch and scrapes. Buy it now on Amazon.

Black rubberized iPhone 5 case

Rubberized case for a good grip.

Hard core durable, soft and rubberized shell. Buy it now Amazon.

Stylish and protective iPhone 5 case

MyBat stylish protective case for iPhone 5/5s

Cool and stylish design!

Slim and awesome monochrome design in compact form. Buy it now on Amazon.

Red telephone booth iPhone 5 case

Is that a telephone booth? Nope. It’s an iPhone case!

Tell your friend that you’ve got a telephone booth at the back of your iPhone. When they don’t believe, show them the back of this case. Buy it now on Amazon.

Cool vintage radio casing for iPhone

Hey, can I have a quick look at your vintage radio? I’m sorry, but it’s just an iPhone case.

When don’t just own an iPhone case when you use this, but you also own an old vintage radio. Check it out on Amazon.

Clique Fashion Case for iPhone

Hey girl, here’s the case for you for your iPhone!

Girls, you’ll definitely love this case. Fabulously Stylish! Buy it now on Amazon.

iPhone 5 Wallet Cases

Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 5

BookBook Leather iPhone 5 Case
BookBook holds your credit card in it!

Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 5: Want something unique case with multi-purpose? BookBook case is for you! It not only encloses your iPhone but it also holds your credit card, ID card some small paper materials for you. One of the best and cool case for iPhone 5. Did I mention that it’s traditional hand-made leather case? Grab it for Buy now at Amazon.

Leather quality wallet case

Simply elegant case!

Looks very elegant and simple with multi-purpose. Buy it now on Amazon.

eForCity Leather Case with Wallet

Put your money, credit card and iPhone in one place.

This case has wallet with iPhone holder. Buy it now on Amazon.

Poetic Slimbook Case for Apple iPhone 5

iPhone case with card holder

Place your card, notes, and piece of important paper in this case alongside your iPhone. Check it out on Amazon.

Premium Faux Leather Wallet Case

Simple iPhone case with a card holder.

This is a perfect case if you just want to put your credit card in it. Check it out on Amazon.

Transparent iPhone 5 case

Luvvitt’s ClearView Transparent iPhone 5/5s case

Someone barely knows that you’re using a case on your iPhone

Luvvitt’s ClearView Transparent Case: Searching for a case that is invisible and that barely scratch? Here comes Luvvitt’s ClearView‘s unique iPhone 5 case. It’s one of the most popular iPhone 5 cases which is transparent and scratch resistance. Buy it now on Amazon.

Matte Clear 0.4mm Ultra Thin iPhone Case

Ultra-thin and transparent case.

If you need thinner, then this case is for you. Buy it now on Amazon.

New hybrid iPhone 5 case

Ringker Fusion’s iPhone 5 case

Looks so elegant!

Ringker Fusion’s iPhone 5 case: It’s newly arrived in the market which is hybridized with back part transparent and the side parts with solid color. This amazing iPhone 5 case simply looks elegant and clear with your iPhone 5. Have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s? No problem! It is available for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s, too. Buy it now on Amazon.

ATC Hard Impact Resistance Case

Case with blue-black color combination is really cool!

Hybrid black and blue colored iPhone 5 case. Buy it now on Amazon.

Spigen SPG Hybrid Case

Hybrid. Stylish. Awesome!

One the the best iPhone 5 cases for men. This is one of the cool Slim case made of polycarbonate can resist drop and is scratch resistant. Buy it now on Amazon.

Hybrid iPhone 5 and 5S Bumper Case

Clean, simple and slim!

Super slim and light weight case for your iPhone. Buy it now on Amazon.

Cool zebra style iPhone case

Zebra skin style case. Simply cool!

Cool and stylish. Buy it now on Amazon.

Multi-Purpose iPhone 5 Cases

iPhone case that can open up beer lid

Opena iPhone Case: Going on a long trip with friends and forget to bring bottle opener? It’s not a problem anymore! Opena is the case for your iPhone that can open your beer bottle. Be smart and act smart in front of friends using one of the cool iPhone 5 cases. Buy it now on Amazon.

Caseology Premium iPhone case

Cool and stylish looking case.

This is a premium stand case for iPhone 5 and 5s. Perfect for watching videos and playing games. Buy it now on Amazon.

Frieq Universal Waterproof Case

Say goodbye to water damage.

Frieq produces the best iPhone 5 waterproof case. Use your iPhone under water using this case. Buy it now on Amazon.

Ebuybox fashion flip wallet

Perfect case for watching videos.

This case can act both as stand and case with a card holder. Check it out on Amazon.

Korea Style multipurpose iPhone case

Cool iPhone 5 case for girls.

Girls would certainly love this case. Check it out on Amazon.

Standard iPone 5 Cases

Turn your iPhone 5 into iPhone 5s

Turn your iPhone 5 into iPhone 5s

Spigen SGP iPhone 5 Case: Want to make your friend fool? Use this cool iPhone 5 case to make your friend think it’s gold iPhone 5s. It has premium aluminum at it’s back exactly like iPhone 5s. Buy it now on Amazon.

Tech Armor Apple New iPhone 5S and iPhone 5

Simple, black and tough!

High quality black iPhone case by Tech Armor. Available in different colors. Buy it now on Amazon.

Tough iPhone 5 Cases

Armor iPhone case with screen protection

Strong, light, tough and scratch resistant.

Urban Armor Gear Case: This is one of the popular cases for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s that is strong, light, and provides heavy protection against scratch. This unique iPhone 5 case is available in different colors. Buy it now on Amazon.

OtterBox Defender Series for iPhone 5

The toughest case for your iPhone 5!

Image an iPhone case that prevents the iPhone from breaking when it falls from the roof of a building; it’s OtterBox‘s case for iPhone. Otterbox iPhone 5 case if one of the best in the market. Buy it now on Amazon.

You don’t believe? Watch the video below.

Speck tough skin iPhone case

Strong and tough.

You can always expect good quality cases from Speck. Check it out on Amazon.

Case-Mate Tough Case for iPhone 5 and 5S

Simple but tough.

Beautifully designed touch by Case-Mate. Buy it now on Amazon.

Spigen iPhone case

Incredibly deluxe and tough case.

Tough, hard, and beautifully designed. Buy it now on Amazon.

Superleggera pro case

Simple tough green case.

A high quality case with dual layer protection. Buy it now on Amazon.

Artistic iPhone 5 Cases

If you’re an art fan, you’ll definitely love one of the iPhone case below.

Stylish dragon iPhone 5 case

Stylish dragon carved iPhone 5 case

Yin Yang Dragons Red Black iPhone Case: It’s one of the creative iPhone 5 cases that has creatively carved dragon on its back. Red and black color combination looks really cool. Check it out on Zazzle.

Colorful rubber iPhone case

Natural looking color case. Simply awesome!

This colorful iPhone case looks as though there’s a randomly scattered natural colors at its back, which makes it awesome. It’s simply amazing iPhone 5 case. Check it out on Amazon.

Africa on wood pattern case

Beautiful African art on an iPhone case.

This case reflects African wildlife. African animals paint on wood pattern case is simply awesome iPhone 5 case. Check it out on Amazon.

Giving tree iPhone 5 case

This is very creative!

Look! Little boy tying to catch a fallen apple. One of the most creative iPhone cases ever! Buy it now on Amazon.

Leonardo DaVinci’s horses art case for iPhone 5

Art by Leonardo Da Vinci

Do you love the arts by Leonardo Da Vinci? Yes? This you’ll love this case as well. Check it out on Amazon.

Star Wars case for case for your iPhone

Specially for avid Star Wars collector.

This officially licensed iPhone case for most avid Star Wars collector. Check it out on Amazon.

Colorful watercolor set rubber case

Realist water color iPhone case

This case is made up of rubber. But look how creative it is. Check it out on Amazon.

Cherry blossom case

Cool cherry case for iPhone

This is the one I use on my iPhone 5. Cherry blossom reminds me of my childhood. Check it out on Amazon.

Despicable Me case

If you love minions, you’ll definitely love this case!

Everybody loves Minions! It’s one of the amazing iPhone 5 cases. Buy it now on Amazon.

Case that blends in your iPhone

Belkin iPhone 5 Black Case
Perfectly disguises your iPhone as if you’re not using any case!

Belkin’s Grip Candy Sheer Case: You don’t want people to know that you’re using case on your iPhone? No problem. This iPhone 5 case perfectly blends in with your iPhone and makes it look like you’re not using any case. Buy it now on Amazon.

Let me know which one did you prefer to grab in the comment below. We’ll be happy to hear your feedback!

Apple Releases iPhone 6, Comes in 4.7″ & 5.5″ Screen Sizes

The wait is finally over. Apple has just announced their flagship phone for 2014. They have not only released one but two flagship phones this time around.

Dubbed iPhone 6, the phone will be available in two different sizes : 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch. The 5.5 incher has a bigger 2915 mAh battery and a higher resolution screen. Apart from these details, the two models are extremely identical.

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Apple’s WWDC 2014 kicks off June 2nd; Ticket Lottery For Developers To Start This Week

wwdc 2014
Apple announces today that its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will kick off on June 2nd and will continue for 5 days i.e. till June 6. WWDC 2014 will be held at the Moscone West convention center in San Francisco. Tickets will be randomly distributed to the developers using a lottery scheme starting from April 7.

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Follow Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics On Your iPhone, iPad Or Mac

sochi 2014 winter olympics iphone, mac, ipad
The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics kicked off with the grand opening ceremony at Fisht Stadium Sochi, Russia yesterday. You can follow/live stream the all-time costliest 18-day Winter Olympics right on your iPhone, Mac or the iPad.

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iPhone 6 release date, features, specs, price, news and rumors

Following the release of iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7, we’re rounding up iPhone 6 features, specifications, release date, news, rumors and prices.

Apple iPhone 6 Design Concept
Apple iPhone 6 Design Concept

The recent release of the new iPhone 5s includes surprisingly fast functioning power with 64-bit processor, improved camera with dual LED flash, more importantly the most anticipated iPhone’s operating system iOS 7. However, the new iPhone 5s has the same size and structure as iPhone 5 expect the iPhone 5s has 3 color variations.

Apple is, however, working on a big project and they has been doing a lot of testings for the bigger screen for iPhone 6 which is expected to be released on September 2014.

In this post, we’re clearing out all the rumors, possible features, and all details about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6.

Browse through the topics about iPhone 6:

iPhone 6 release date

Update: iPhone 6 release date is set to mid-September 2014.

Although we’re not sure about the exact iPhone 6 announcement date, it’s more likely that Apple could release iPhone 6 in the next year 2014 on September since they usually announce their new product — specifically new iPhones — periodically each year.

But an Apple analyst Peter Misek says Apple would certainly release iPhone 6 on June 2014.

In a press meeting, Apple CEO Tim Cook has told us that they’re making some new ‘amazing’ hardware, software and services that they’re planning to introduced this fall and throughout 2014.

It’s makes a good sense  to assume that Apple is already finishing up the new product linings and announcing the new products at WWDC in 2014 as they did in this year’s WWDC.

iPhone 6 screen size

Update: We have got update form the source that Apple is reportedly going to release iPhone 6 with full 1080p display with 5 inch screen.

iPhone 6 with curved display
iPhone 6 with curved display

Update (November 10, 2013): Bloomberg has reported that Apple is planning two introduce two new iPhone models in 2014. The new iPhone model is reported to have curved display and 4.7 and 5.5 inches.

Apple is not fan of large display, however, a big rumors is floating around that the new iPhone 6 with bigger screen may range from 4.8 inches to 6 inches as similar in size of Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. According to the new report by Wall Street Journal, Apple has been testing on the iPhone display which is as large as six inches.

iPhone 6 larger screen design concept with 1080p HD display
iPhone 6 larger screen design concept with 1080p HD display

It’s quite clear that one of the greatest specifications of iPhone 6 would be the size of its screen since the larger displays are more impressive.

Tim Cook has hinted that they are testing all the technologies to implement them in the new products. We can assume that Apply could also implement Sharp IGZO screen technology which consumes less power and is thinner in size as demonstrated at CES 2013.

iPhone 6 gaze detection technology

The larger display requires more power and consumes a considerable amount of battery. As reported by Mashable, Apple has a sight to introduce the gaze detection technology which the phone call detect if you’re looking at the phone resulting the less power consumption and saving battery life. The phone automatically locks and pauses the video while you look away. GottabeMobile reports that the next iPhone 6 would have 1080p HD display.

While this feature already exist in Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple could follow this technology which its own customized version.

iPhone 6 Gorilla Glass
The new iPhone could get new Gorilla Glass, too

iPhone 6 will run iOS 8

Every year, Apple announces the new operating system for its iOS devices. With the recent release of iOS 7 alongside iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, it does make sense that iPhone 6 will be coming out with the new iOS 8.

iOS 7 Running iPhone 5s
Would iOS 8 could give us a big surprise?

We’d expect we’ll be using iOS 8 in iPhone 6 around September.

iPhone 6 storage

Apple already took a big shot with 128GB iPad. Why not guess they are up with 128GB iPhone 6?

iPhone 6 processor

It wouldn’t be a big surprise if Apple come up with A8 processor for iPhone 6. A8 chip would have better performance efficiency which should help to consume less battery.

iPhone 6 camera

Apple Insider in May 2013 uncovered an Apple patent filing in which an iOS device remotely controls the secondary devices like iPhone acts as slave flash for the primary iOS device.

We’ll seeing the huge change in camera of the new iPhone 6 which will be one of the new features.

iPhone 6 Camera
iPhone 6 camera could be handy for professional photographers

iPhone 6 Touch ID

iPhone 6 will certainly follow Apple’s new fingerprint Touch ID technology from iPhone 5s. Recent rumor suggests that iPad Mini 2 will include Touch ID feature.

Currently, Touch ID can only be used to unlock the locked iPhone screen and to purchase apps and songs from iTunes and AppStore — however Apple would eventually announce the new applications and uses for Touch ID like for accessing third-party banking apps.

iPhone 5s Touch ID was hackable so we expect to see hack-proof Touch ID in next iPhones.

iPhone 6 concept and design

Different design concept and rumors is roaming around, but here’s the best possible concept that we could expect in iPhone 6.

A Russian site AppleInsider.ru makes the following demo of iPhone 6:

Ultra slim iPhone 6 concept with beautiful design
Ultra slim iPhone 6 concept with beautiful design
iPhone 6 slim design with bigger screen
Could the iPhone 6 would have slim design with bigger screen?
iPhone 6 Larger Screen Specification
Here’s iPhone that resembles with HTC One

iPhone 6 wireless charging

Wireless charging is what most people wants in the iPhone. Would Apple give it a push for wireless charging in iPhone 6?

Apple has filed patent for wireless charging which was expected to be included on iPhone 5s, but possible it could be added on iPhone 6.

What’s difference between Apple and other wireless charging technology is that Apple’s technology can charge the multiple devices at once.

iPhone 6 to include Smart Bezel

According to PatentlyApple, Apple filed another patent on Smart Bezel. It’s simply a display technology containing two layers, one secondary and one primary display. The secondary display layer illuminates allowing user to give input and touch command to the device while the secondary display layer simple provides visual contents.

This way, the users could see more visual part of the display screen.

Smart Bezel on iPhone 6
Smart Bezel on iPhone 6

iPhone 6 price

Apple generally sells the new iPhone at the same price as the old one. If this holds out, the 16GB model iPhone 6 costs $199, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB model.

What have you heard?

Did you find any new rumor, news, or hint about upcoming Apple iPhone 6? Let me know in the comment below.

Japanese Court Orders Apple to Pay $3.3 Million Over iPod Click Wheel Patent Infringement

iPod Class

The Tokyo District Court has ordered Apple Inc. to pay ¥330 million ($3.3 million) in loses to a Japanese investor Norihiko Saito over a patent infringement of click wheel system used on different models of iPod.

Originally, the patent that Saito applied for the company includes a touch wheel button technology that Apple adopted since 2004, the first launch of the iPod.

The click wheel technology contains a circular touch sensor with multiple functionality like fast forwarding and volume controls.

The patent disputed started when Saito filled Tokyo Customs an authoritative warning against iPod imports in 2007. Apple, however, filed suit to confirm the absence of patent infringement. Saito then demanded ¥100 for the damages.

On Thursday, the patent dispute concluded when Saito demanded ¥10 billion followed by 3 failed attempts, the court ordered Apple to pay the invest ¥330 million.

Apple Records 9 Million iPhone Sales, 200 Million iOS 7 Updates in 3 Days

Apple Records 9 Million iPhone Sales, 200 Million iOS 7 Updates in 3 Days

Apple has just announced that it has sold over 9 million iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c units over the first 3 days of its release on September 20.

Additionally, over 200 million iOS devices now runs on Apple’s latest iOS 7 breaking the new record as fastest software update in the history.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, tells the following statement at the press meeting:

“This is our best iPhone launch yet―more than nine million new iPhones sold―a new record for first weekend sales,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “The demand for the new iPhones has been incredible, and while we’ve sold out of our initial supply of iPhone 5s, stores continue to receive new iPhone shipments regularly. We appreciate everyone’s patience and are working hard to build enough new iPhones for everyone.”

The demand for the iPhone 5s high as result the initial supply of the iPhones has exceeded and most of the online delivery has been delayed for up to 3 weeks.

German Hacker Team Claims to Have ‘Hacked’ iPhone 5s Touch ID

A German hacking team, Chaos Computer Club, claims to have ‘successfully hacked’ iPhone 5s Touch ID security feature. The Chaos Computer Club reports, “A fingerprint of the phone user, photographed from a glass surface, was enough to create a fake finger that could unlock an iPhone 5s secured with TouchID.”

The Chaos team also claims not to use this ‘unsuitable’ security and avoid such things.

Apple had released iPhone 5s with the added fingerprint security claiming that it is much more secure than any other security feature.

iPhone 5s Touch ID

“In reality, Apple’s sensor has just a higher resolution compared to the sensors so far. So we only needed to ramp up the resolution of our fake”, said the hacker nicknamed Starbug, who performed the critical experiments that led to the successful break of the fingerprint locking system. “As we have said now for more than years, fingerprints should not be used to secure anything. You leave them everywhere, and it is far too easy to make fake fingers out of lifted prints.”