10 Best Designer iPhone 6s Cases

Designer iPhone 6s cases

Once you have your iPhone 6s in hand, the next step is to buy a phone case. These are necessary to keep the iPhone from getting damaged during everyday use. Not all iPhone cases are equal—some are better than others, rather more importantly, better looking than others.

If you are on the lookout for a great iPhone 6s case, you would want to get the splashiest and most luxurious one.

Designer accessories for Apple products are becoming more and more common these days. This is partly due to the fact that Apple styles itself as a lifestyle company, instead being just a tech one.

Apple products have been on runways and Vogue. So it isn’t that surprising when the iPhone 6s was released, a string of designer cases followed.

Here are the 10 best of luxury iPhone 6s cases:

1. SpeckCandyshell — Inked Jonathan Adler Case

Speck iPhone 6s case

Availability: View this on Amazon

Candyshell phone cases have been garnering a lot of attention thanks to their bold, splashy and colorful designs. They take things further for the iPhone 6s with a case that has a design by the acclaimed houseware designer Jonathan Adler. It’s literally quite difficult to take the eyes off this one.

2. Givenchy — Rottweiler iPhone 6s Case

Givenchy Rottweiler Face iPhone 6s Case

Availability: View on Amazon

Givenchy is always a good choice to make others do a double take, which you certainly will with their latest iPhone 6s case that features a teeth-baring Rottweiler. Perhaps, Beyonce’s favorite brand took it literally that the phone case guards the iPhone. The angry Rottweiler is sure to scare away any thieves, just as it did with Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci’s mother.

3. Dolce & Gabbana — Dauphine iPhone 6s Hard Case

Dauphine Calfskin iPhone 6s Hard Case

Availability: View on Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana enamored fans with a crystal daisy embellished iPhone 6 cover a while back. Maybe that was a bit too girly, because for the iPhone 6s, the iconic brand went minimalist with an artful Dauphine print calfskin case. Very stylish and unconventional, as expected from a brand that loves to surprise people.

4. Michael Kors — Pavé iPhone 6s Case

MICHAEL Michael Kors iPhone 6s case

Availability: View on Amazon

Like bling that blinds the eye? Then this dazzling iPhone 6s case just might be for you. The back of this hard silver case looks like it’s encrusted with hundreds of shiny diamonds. Eye-catching, indeed.

5. Stella McCartney — Cat iPhone 6 & 6s Case

Stella McCartney Cat iPhone 6 & 6s Case

Availability: View at Harrods

Stella McCartney never fails to turn heads with her accessories. That’s exactly what she did by making a cat-shaped case for the iPhone 6s. Sleek with a remarkable cat-shape that is surprisingly easy to handle, this is minimalism at its best. The back of the case features a carving-like face of a cat, complete with crystal green eyes and whiskers. This 100% silicone case is perfect for those who like making bold fashion statements.

6. Nanette Lepore — Cases for iPhone 6s

Nanette Lepore - Texture Print iPhone 6s case

Availability: View on Amazon

Nanette Lepore is famous for her feminine and intricate designs that look as if they belong in an exotic palace. Her flair doesn’t escape the hard-shell iPhone 6s cases.  The Nanette Lepore case collection brings exquisite textile designs to the back of your iPhone, resulting in absolutely stunning artwork you can hold in your hands.

7. Ted Baker — Shannon Mirror

Ted Baker iPhone 6S Case

Availability: View on Amazon

If you ever fancied yourself a princess with a magic mirror, you will love this iPhone 6s case. Sleek, shiny and elegant, it has a gold outlined mirror on the inside, so every time you look at your iPhone 6s, it will look as if you were looking into a magic mirror. The rose red color is absolutely gorgeous, too.

8. GiGi New York — Python iPhone 6s Case

GIGI Newyork designer iPhone 6s case

Availability: View on GiGiNewYork

For an iPhone 6s case that embodies high fashion, look no further than this one by the incomparable GiGi. This unique full-grain embossed python leather case is certainly a work of premium craftsmanship. You can even personalize it up to three initials upon request. It’s hip and serves well to protect the iPhone 6s from damage and dust.

9. IPHORIA—Couleur iPhone 6s Case

Designer iPhone 6s cases

Availability: View on Amazon

IPHORIA is the go-to brand for designer phone accessories. Always with a sense of humor, IPHORIA’s newly released Couleur case makes the back of your iPhone 6s look like a giant, pure red nail polish bottle. The resemblance is uncanny from afar. This is definitely a designer case not to be missed.

10. Luisaviaroma—My Little Pony

My Little Pony iPhone 6s Case

Availability: View on Luisaviaroma

This is a special project for the classic luxury brand. These rubber iPhone 6s casings, unlike any other, come with a giant My Little Pony character printed on the back. It’s adorable, unusual and an all-round must-have.

Don’t wait to make your new iPhone 6s look hip with one of the above cases.

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15 Best iPad Air Cases That Matches Your Type

Just the day after all-new iPad Air release, case makers are made many case for iPad Air available to purchase. The iPad Air and the iPad Air 2 is the most handy tablets from Apple, which is small in size in comparison to the iPad Pro.

The new iPad Air is features improved processing power, improved hardware and is as light as one pound.

DON’T MISS: 10 Cases for the iPad Pro That Offer the Best Protection

There’s already dozens of cases for iPad Air in the market, it’s quite hard to find the case that has all the features you want. So, we decided to list the best iPad Air cases that are loved by the users most.

Have an iPhone 5? Here’s 50 cool iPhone 5 cases.

In addition to Apple Smart Cover for iPad Air (costs $79), here we have listed up the best iPad Air and iPad air 2 cases of 2015 that you would love to use.

1. i-Blason Smart Leather iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Case

Smart leather iPad Air case

i-Blason’s Smart leather iPad Air case is one of the best iPad Air cases (iPad 5). This case has multiple function like you can use it flip stand to watch movies and videos and auto wake and sleep functionality. It has built-in pen holder and credit card slot as well. It’s available for both iPad Air and iPad Air 2.

Available on Amazon.com: Buy now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

2. Ionic bluetooth iPad Air/iPad Air 2 keyboard case

Cool and stylish!

Iconic’s bluetooth keyboard case turns your iPad Air into virtual laptop. It has a bluetooth keyboard and at its back there’s a stand that holds your iPad Air. It’s pretty cheap in comparison to other iPad cases with keyboard, which makes it one of the best iPad Air and iPad Air 2 cases!

Available on Amazon: Purchase it for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

3. Bear Motion iPad Air/iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case

Bear Motion keyboard iPad Air Case
Light weight case with keyboard!

If you’re looking to the lightest and slim iPad Air case with keyboard, then I bet you’ll be impressed by Bear Motion’s case for iPad air. Make up of leather, it’s a durable case with keyboard that has LED light indicators for charging and keyboard on or off indication.

Available on Amazon: Shop it for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

4. Fintie iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Slim Folio Case

Fintie Apple iPad Air case slim
Synthetic leather case for your iPad Air. Simply classic!

Fintie’s folio case for iPad Air is made of synthetic leather which looks very classy and simple. The built-in magnetic strip provides wake and sleep functionality and the smart holder is very useful for holding pen or stylus. You will certainly love its design!

Available on Amazon: Buy it now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

5. MoKo slim iPad Air/iPad Air 2 Leather Cover

MoKo Slim iPad Air Case
MoKo case for iPhone with classy design

MoKo case is made of PU leather that provides a classy look. This special case automatically puts your iPad Air to sleep or wake if the lid is open or closed. The built-in stand provides several angles, which is perfect for watching movie, typing an email or composing a post. The interior hand strap makes it very comfortable for one-hand operation.

Available on Amazon: Get it now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

6. Armorbox Protection Case

Provides full body protection to your iPad Air!

i-Bason’s Armorbox cover provides full body protection to your iPad Air or iPad Air 2. Exteriorly, it’s a hard shell and ventrally, it’s made of light weight silicon material that provides soft rest to your iPad Air. This is the perfect Otterbox series alternative because it is much lighter and provides equally heavy protection.

Available on Amazon.com: Buy now for iPad Air or for the iPad Air 2

7. Invellop Leatherette Case Cover

Hard case with slick design. Perfect for work, school and travel!

If you love using the case that is light-weight, but provides very good protection, then Invellop’s cover will best watch for you. It is light weight and ultra-thin with very slick design. Perfect case for traveling, using in school and work without having to worry about dropping your iPad Air 2 on the floor!

Available on Amazon: Order it for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

8. Snugg Flip Stand Case for iPad Air/iPad Air 2

Perfect for watching movies and using FaceTime.

The Snugg iPad Air case is here! A black foldable premium case as loved by thousands of iPad Air users so far. Stands up perfectly for watching videos, movies or using FaceTime and there is a cut out in the front so you can use the rare camera without taking the iPad Air out of the case.

Available on Amazon: Buy now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

9. Poetic Slimline Case

Poetic slimline case iPad Air
Case with cool folder design

Poetic StrapBack case has a sturdy folder design like Apple’s official case for iPad Air. Like the other cases, this case wakes and keeps your iPad Air in sleep upon opening and closing the lid. It’s available in 8 different colors.

Available on Amazon: Purchase it for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

10. Devicewear Slim Leather Cover

Devicewear Slim case for iPad Air
Slim and clean!

If you’re looking for a slim, simple and clean case for your iPad Air, then Devicewear case is what you’d love to use. This smart case keeps your iPad to sleep and awakes when you open or close the lid. It keeps your iPad Air closed with a simple magnetic lid.

Available on Amazon: Order now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

Bonus! Here are four more best iPad Air 2 cases:

CaseCrown iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Cover

CaseCrown iPad Air case
Budgeted and looks very cool!

CaseCrown is a budget case for your iPad Air which delivers the same quality as the cases listed above. It’s made up of durable water-resistant synthetic leather with soft micro fiber interior. With two standing and two viewing angles, this case is excellent for your every day use.

Available on Amazon: Buy now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

Ionic Designer iPad Air/iPad Air 2 Case

minimalist iPad Air case
Minimalist designer iPad Air case

Ionic Designer case is a minimalistic case for your iPad Air with sleep and wake up function. Made up of exterior leather, it has simple yet professional design. It has two other color variations.

Available on Amazon: Buy now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

Fintie 360 Degree Rotating Cases for iPad Air(2)

360 rotating ipad air case
360 rotating iPad Air case

Fintie 360 degree rotating iPad Air case makes it simple to transition between landscape and portrait mode. It’s unique design makes your iPad Air to stand out. The dual layer hard interior and the premium leather exterior provides your iPad Air and iPad Air 2 maximum protection.

Available on Amazon: Buy now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

Otterbox Defender Series

OtterBox Defender iPad Air Case
OtterBox Defender iPad Air Case

OtterBox‘s multi-layer Defender case protects your iPad Air against potential damage from scratches, dust, drops and bumps. This case has versatile shield stand that provides additional protection while travelling with your iPad Air. Check it out on Otterbox.

Native Union Gripster Case

Native Union iPad Air 2 Case
Native Union iPad Air 2 Case

As suggest by one of our readers, Robert, this is actually the most practical case for the iPad Air. It has 8 lockable positions to do various stuff and has integrated handle with which you can carry it around like a briefcase. It is designed for multipurpose functions like watching, typing, reading and gaming. You will definitely love using it!

Available on Amazon: Buy now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

So, there you go; our 10 of the best iPad Air case of 2015. Have you been using case and want to share your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

10 Cases for the iPad Pro That Offer the Best Protection

iPad Pro
iPad Pro (Image source: Apple.com)

In September 9, Apple announced the iPad Pro, and it came out to be the largest they’ve ever produced so far.

With a large product in your hands like the iPad Pro, the tablet is far more likely to slip through your fingers when you are taking a selfie or a picture. We’ve rounded the best cases for iPad Pro that will let you protect your new baby in the best manner possible.

Be sure to check out Apple’s official keyboard case for iPad Pro on the Apple Store.

Here are 10 of the best cases that you can get for your iPad Pro when it releases in November.

10. Comsoon – iPad Pro smart Leather Case with 360 degree rotation

Comsoon iPad Pro smart Leather caseThis magnetic smart cover is made out of synthetic leather folio   and is one of the coolest out there. Featuring a smart sleep/wakeup feature so you don’t have to remember and hit the power button every time, this case is sure to make your iPad experience a gorgeous one indeed. The case comes in blue, black and pink, and also features a rotating stand and an elastic strap.

Where to buy: Get it now on Amazon.com

9. Jammylizard – G10 Smart Cover for iPad Pro


Jammylizard iPad Pro case

Jammylizard is one of the best-selling Apple case manufacturers of all time. The case for the iPad comes in a wide range of colors to suit everyone’s specific needs. The interior of the case is made of microfiber. In addition, the smart cover is ultra-light and has an automatic sleep feature integrated into it. It also features an incline range for watching movies on your new tablet.

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon.com

8. JETech – Ultra Slim Smart Case for iPad Pro

JETech Smart Leather Case for iPad Pro

This case is one of the lightest and best fitting out there and has been specifically designed for the new iPad Pro. The case has a smooth interior and exterior design with perfectly sized cutouts for the volume buttons and the power button. It is the same as the Apple Smart Cover, except that it offers protection for the back panel as well.

Where to buy: Purchase it on Amazon.com

7. Jammylizard – Smart Leather Case for iPad Pro

Jammylizard Smart Leather Case for iPad Pro

This high quality case has a very premium look and feel to it. It is made of the best quality faux leather, and offers amazing screen protection. It is made for the traveling businessperson, and has an integrated document pouch so you can work on the go like never before. It also has a 3 point movie stand built-in for when you simply have to take a break from work.

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon.com

6. Snugg – Flip Stand Smart Cover for iPad Pro

Snugg Flip Stand Smart Cover for iPad Pro

This case has been designed for the new iPad Pro, so that the button cutouts are in the perfect size for your new tablet. It has a soft touch fiber interior and the automatic sleep/wake feature as well. It also offers a lifetime guarantee, meaning that you can get it replaced at any time!

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon.com

5. iBeek – Magnetic Case for iPad Pro

iBeek Ultra Slim Translucent Back Case for iPad Pro

This is probably one of the most beautiful cases for the Pro out there. It has a 2 piece design so it can protect both the front and the back of your iPad. It is ultra slim making for the perfect fit too. The translucent back case allows for your iPad to show off its natural curves as well!

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon.com

4. Peyou – Slim Smart Case Cover for iPad Pro

Peyou Ultra Slim-fit Smart case Cover for iPad Pro

This case from Peyou comes in a range of colors for you to choose from. It is a flip style magnetic case with a smart sleep and wake function for the iPad lover. It has a slip proof plastic housing and synthetic leather build, as well as an integrated flip stand.

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon.com

3. Khomo – iPad Pro Cover with Holder

Khomo iPad Pro Case

This case is one of the best out there for the executive with a fascination for tablets. The easy to hold hand strap means that you wont have to drop it on those business calls, and the best-selling inner document and business card pouch from Khomo will help you work in style.

Where to buy: Check it out on Amazon.com

2. Bovon – Anti-Scratch iPad Pro Leather Case

Bovon iPad Pro case

This case will allow you to perform all the functions you want on your iPad Pro with the epitome in style. It features anti scratch, bump and drop protection as well as card slots and the perfect button cutouts for everyone to use.

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon.com

1. JETech – Diamond Smart Case

JETech Diamond Smart Case cover for iPad Pro

This minimalistic, sexy, synthetic leather flip style case is perfect for everyone as it comes in a range of colors. The diamond pattern exterior prevents slip and gives a premium feel. A life-time warranty completes the package. This case beats other competitive cases in case of minimalistic design.

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon.com

How did you like our list? Did we miss a great case for iPad Pro? Be sure to check out our best cases for iPhone 6s. Let us know which case do you recommend for the iPad Pro.

10 Best Charging Docks for iPhone 6S

The lightning cable and other Apple charging cables are well-known for fraying at the end. Short of putting an ugly spring on the end to stop this from happening, you don’t have many options. In addition to this, all those cables can be quite a mess when you are working and using your phone.

Once you get the iPhone 6S on release, you are going to need to figure out a way to charge it up without having to use all those cables.

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Here is a list of ten amazing iPhone 6S charging docks so that you can charge it without all those annoying wires:

1. Wowo – Bamboo wood charging dock iPhone 6S

WOWO iPhone 6s Charging Dock

This stand for the iPhone 6S is made out of 100% natural bamboo. It is also compatible with all iPhone versions. It has a nicely cut out lot for the iPhone’s inductive charger, as well as the iPhone lightning cable. It comes with an 18 month warranty, and is definitely one of the better looking models out there.

Where to buy: Order it from Amazon.com

2. eTopxizu – Bamboo Charge Station for iPhone 6S

eTopxizu Natural Bamboo Wood iPhone 6s

This charging dock for the iPhone and the Apple Watch is compatible with the newer models of the Apple Watch as well as all the iPhone models including the new 6S. The stand is made of high quality bamboo wood, and is certain to add a lot of warmth to your home, office, or wherever you place it.

Where to buy: Purchase it from Amazon.com

3. Ubegood – iPhone Charging Cradle

Ubegood Natural Bamboo Wood iPhone 6s plus

This wooden stand is made out of 100% bamboo, and it is the perfect option for making your home or office look warm and inviting. It is compatible with all versions of the iPhone as well as the Apple Watch. It has perfectly sized slots for the chargers, as well as holes for placing your office supplies.

Where to buy: Buy it from Amazon.com

4. Belkin – ChargeSync Express Dock for iPhone 6S with Dual

Belkin iPhone 6s charging dock

This gorgeous, curvy brushed metal dock for the iPhone 6/6S is perfect for your office. It looks simple, elegant and is case compatible. This means that you can charge your iPhone with that durable case on as well. It also works with the iPad, and has a painted Aluminum finish. Comes with a 4 foot long hardwire lightning cable.

Where to buy: Check it out on Amazon.com

5. Twelve South – HiRise Charging Station for iPhone 6S

Twelve South HiRise for iPhone 6s

This amazing looking stand/charging cradle for the iPhone and iPad as well as the iPod is compatible with almost every model that has been made. It is perfect for an office desktop or your nightstand. It is also compatible with the Apple TV’s Siri Remote. The stand is stable enough to use the iPhone as it charges.

Where to buy: Order it from Amazon.com

6. iFopia – Bamboo Wood Charging Station for iPhone

iFopia – Apple Bamboo Wood Charging Station for iPhone 6S

This wooden dock comes with a limited time offer, wherein you can save 50% on a protective skin for the purchase of two units. It is super lightweight, as it is made from bamboo wood. This makes it perfect for an office space. It is compatible with all models of the iPhone from the 5 upwards.

Where to buy: Purchase it from Amazon.com

7. KiDiGi – Compatible with iPhone 6/6S

KiDiGi Case Compatible iPhone 6

This exclusive, premium looking charging station is perfect for your home or office. It is sleek and elegant, and the dock allows for the lightning connector to be lowered when not in use. It is also compatible with most brands of cases, even the heavy duty ones. The case is Apple MFi Certified, with a rubber non-slip bottom. Comes with a 1 year warranty.

Where to buy: Order it from Amazon.com

8. Poweradd – iPhone charging Cradle Natural Bamboo

iPhone charging Cradle Natural Bamboo

Perfect viewing angle design so that you can watch movies or check the time without having to do too much work. Compatible with every model of the Apple Watch, and the iPhone 6S. This is the perfect stand for overnight charging. It is made out of natural bamboo, and is therefore lightweight too.

Where to buy: Check it out on Amazon.com

9. MoKo – Wireless Charging Cradle for iPhone 6S

MoKo Wireless Charger ofr iPhone 6s

This beautiful cradle is compatible with all models of the iPhone from the 5 upwards. It can be used to connect and charge up to 5 devices at once. The round shaped docks is light but durable allowing it to be carried anywhere and used with ease.

Where to buy: Order it from Amazon.com

10. NewRice – iPhone 6s Charging Station

NewRice iPhone 6s charging dock

This charging cradle is compatible with all of the iPhone models from the 5 upwards, including the 6S. It has perfectly sized slots for the inductive charger and the lightning cable. The stand also holds the iPhone at the perfect viewing angle, so that you don’t need to keep reaching for it whenever you want to check it.

Where to buy: Buy it now from Amazon.com

Those are our 10 best charging docks for iPhone 6s. Let us know what you’ve been using for your iPhone 6s in the comments below.


10 Best Minimalistic iPhone 6s Cases and Covers

Best iPhone 6s cases and covers

The Apple iPhone 6s has finally come out! The preview editions have already been released, and everyone is gearing up for the big launch. With a set of dimensions closely related to its big brother, the iPhone 6, it is one of the most anticipated phones of 2015.

Pending its release on the 25th of September, the big companies have already begun releasing sets of accessories for the smartphone. While this may seem unreasonable to you, it actually does make sense to anyone who is a real fan of the Apple phones.

Protecting an Apple smartphone has always been a pretty hard task. The phones are built more for looks and quality than for endurance, so they usually don’t survive a large drop. There have been cases where an iPhone has fallen from 30,000 feet (from an airplane) and survived, but for the most part the iPhone is a thing of beauty that needs to be kept safe at all costs, especially when you consider the price tag.

There is a range of cases out there for the average user. Some people seem to prefer the larger, boxy cases that are made for rugged endurance, like the famous Otterbox cases. Apple has its own leather case for the iPhone 6s on the Apple Store. However, the latest trend that is sweeping the country is the need for simpler, minimalistic cases.

As such, here are the 10 best minimalistic cases that you can get for your new iPhone 6s when it releases this month:

10. Verus High Pro Shield Heavy Duty Slim Fit case

Verus High Pro Shield Heavy Duty Slim Fit case for iPhone 6:6S

The Verus Heavy Duty series is well-known for being one of the best in drop resistant protection. The brushed metal appearance of the case gives it a very premium feel. The case emphasizes the beauty of the iPhone 6s, which is expected to be very beautiful indeed. The case is made out of high-grade polycarbonate, making it scratch and drop resistant. It comes in an electric blue color and will be available from the 19th of September.

Buy Now From Amazon!

9. AceAbove Slim Leather Cover for iPhone 6s
AceAbove Super Slim Protective Leather Case for iPhone 6s

This is an absolutely wonderful case for the more business minded people out there. The cover is a simple, minimalistic wrap-around that allows you to fit it on and feel like there is nothing on the phone. The classy, rich leather back allows for an elegant feel that can’t be matched by any other. The cover also features slightly raised corners so that the screen won’t touch the surface when placed face down, giving it added scratch protection as well.

Buy Now From Amazon!

8. The TOTU Ultra Slim Protective Cover for iPhone 6s

TOTU Ultra Slim Protective Cover for iPhone 6s

This product from TOTU is remarkably light and simplistic. It comes in a variety of colors and is just one of the many amazing cases that the company has to offer. It is minimalistic as can possibly be. The back of the case is clear, so that the natural sleek design of the iPhone 6s can be very visible. In addition to this it offers some great protection for the phone, making it scratch resistant and shock resistant for normal height drops.

Buy Now From Amazon!

7. Obliq Clear iPhone 6s Cover with Metal Kickstand

Obliq Naked Shield Crystal Case

The Obliq case may not be everybody’s first choice, but it is definitely a looked. The entire case is made of a transparent material, allowing the design Apple is famous for to shine through without any problems whatsoever. It is an ultra slim fit design, and features a tiny metal kickstand that stays out of the way looking great for when it is absolutely necessary.

Buy Now From Amazon!

6. Trianium Shock Absorbing case for iPhone 6s

Trianium Clear Cushion Series case for iPhone 6:6S

The clear cushion series is known for being elegant, transparent and great protection against anything the world should throw at your iPhone 6s. The company also supplies a lifetime warranty for all of their cases in case of damages through a fall of some sort. This makes the Clear Cushion case a great buy for all you iPhone owners-to-be.

Buy Now From Amazon!

5. Maxboost Vibrance S Slider Style case

Maxboost Vibrance S Slider Style case for iPhone 6:6S

The Vibrance S series from Maxboost comes in a wide range of colors for all your needs. It is simple and gorgeous, with the perfect contrast between its colors. It also offer 360 degree protection for the phone along with a soft interior coating so that the case doesn’t wind up scratching the back panel of your precious iPhone 6s.

Buy Now From Amazon!

4. Totu Slim Fingerprint Proof case for iPhone 6s

Totu Series Fingerprint Proof case for iPhone 6S

The slim fit series from Totu is one of the most premium looking cases for the iPhone 6s that you can get. In addition to its ultra slim fit on the phone, it also offers protection against those unsightly smudges your fingers can leave on the case after prolonged use.

Buy Now From Amazon!

3. Obliq Slim Metal Thin Armor case

Obliq Slim Metal Thin Armor Slim Fit Polycarbonate case for iPhone 6S

The Slim Metal Series from Obliq is one that people go for when they want a premium look instead of simply showing the iPhone’s back panel. This is truly a brushed metal god among iPhone cases. The drop resistant case boasts a level of style that would “make Taylor Swift jealous”.

Buy Now From Amazon!

2. Verus Verge Series Heavy Duty Case for iPhone 6s

Verus Verge Series Heavy Duty Case for iPhone 6/6s

The Verge Series from Verus comes in a range of colors including Rose Gold, and is one of the snuggest fits around. It is a heavy-duty case though, offering great drop protection with a premium look and feel, making it one of the most desirable out there.

Buy Now From Amazon!

1. Spigen Thin Fit Matte Finish Hard Case for iPhone 6s

Verus Case for iPhone 6S

Spigen is one of the highest rated developers of cases on the market, known for their military grade hardware and elegant appearance. The Matte Black Thin Fit case for the iPhone 6s is no different. It is one of the slimmest cases out there and gives the perfect grip with its Matte finish, along with a lifetime warranty from Spigen itself.

Buy Now From Amazon!

These are our best minimalist cases for iPhone 6s so far. Which one did you go for? Any case that you would recommend? Let me know, and we’d be happy to add them in the list.

Top 12 Best 2015 12-Inch MacBook Cases and Covers


The newest Mac from the stable of Apple is the 12-inch MacBook 2015 device, which is a refresh version of the existing. With the launching, it is obvious the accessories industry to react to the earliest.

It has come up with several covers and cases for the device. However, to know which one is the best is not easy. So, here we have come up with the top 10 best 2015 12-inch MacBook covers and cases. Below are those.

In addition to Incase’s cover for 12-inch MacBook available on Apple Store (costs $39.95), here are 12 best cases for 2015 12-Inch MacBook:

1. Toffee Envelop Sleeve


This Toffee Envelop Sleeve for 12-inch MacBook carries good look to enhance your personality where ever you carry the device packed in it. Designed in Australia, the cover is made by Toffee and is one of the most premium sleeves in the accessory market. It is compact, qualitative and handy too.

The cover is made of premium leather from outside and the interior is hard-shell. To offer cushions to your expensive MacBook, it is also equipped with an additional layer between exterior and interior layers. The cover is made available in five different, attractive colors.

Buy Now From Amazon!

2. Toffee Fitzroy Satchel


This product will make you feel premium. Meant exclusively for MacBook, the Toffee Fitzroy Satchel is water resistant and comes with quilted interior. It is made of waxed canvas equipped with genuine leather trims. It comes in two colors from the house of Toffee. It is designed in Australia. It has pockets too to keep iPhone or other smartphone.

Buy Now From Amazon!

3. CaseCrown Book Cover 2015 12-inch MacBook Case


This is the perfect shield for your new MacBook. First, you won’t have to remove it to use your MacBook. Second, it has magnetic button closure. Third, it’s made from high quality synthetic leather.

It’s very stylish and you’d also get complements from your friends by using this. Currently, it’s available in Black, Brown and Red.

Buy Now From Amazon!

4. Snugg Leather Sleeve With Lifetime Warranty


Snugg is itself a big name in the industry. Its leather sleeve for 12-inch MacBook comes with lifetime warranty. It perfectly fits the device and comes with additional pockets to keep chargers, house papers and other small things. It is made of high quality materials and speaks about perfect craftsmanship. It comes in nine different, beautiful colors including orange, red and pink.

Buy Now From Amazon!

5. i-Blason Hard Shell Macbook Case


i-Blason is one of the best case producers in the market. This case by i-Blason is light weight and has soft matte finish. Its is perfect if you want to protect your Macbook from drop and scratches. Available colors are Gold, Space Grey, and Silver.

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6. AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve


Listed on Amazon as 11.6-inch laptop sleeve, but it perfectly fits the new 12-inch MacBook. It is slim in design and comes with fantastic build quality. It is equipped with enough padding in the interior to protect the device if the case is dropped accidentally.

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7. AmCase Cover for MacBook


The AmCase 12-inch Cover looks pretty and costly, but it is priced tagged cheaper than most of the covers here. It is equipped with enough foam padding in the inner layer to protect the device in case of a drop. It comes with additional space storage too on the front side for carrying chargers, cables, smartphones, and other smaller accessories. It is made available in two different and attractive colors – Pink and Black.

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8. iPearl 12-inch Soft Neoprene Sleeve Case for MacBook


This is one of the best sleeve cases for the new 12-inch MacBook from the stable of iPearl. It is made up of super high quality neoprene material that is soft and durable. It offers maximum protection to the device and comes with extra pocket too to store accessories like charger and trackpad. The iPearl Sleeve Case is made available in five exciting colors.

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9. Kamor 12-inch Bohemian Style Animal World Fabric Sleeve


The case looks feminist and surely to be liked by ladies the most. It carries a funky style with patterns and comes with two zippers. It is available in four different, exciting colors and gives ultimate protection to the device even though being slim and lightweight.

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10. Case Star Neoprene Ultrabook Sleeve Case


The case is similar to the AmazonBasics to some extent, but differs in range of colors. It is available in seventeen different, exciting, whooping colors. The case comes with zipper to open and close, and is perfectly worth the money.

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11. CaseCrown Campus North Messenger Bag for MacBook


The case perfectly fits the new 12-inch MacBook and comes with enough padded interior divider with secure placement closure for the device. It comes with several pockets and slots to store accessories and smartphones. It is made of durable canvas material equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. It is highly lightweight and perfect for travel purpose.

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12. BFB MacBook Shoulder Bag For Women


This is surely a style statement for women. The BFB MacBook Shoulder Bag is sleek and beautiful. The exterior is attractive and interior is cushioned-comfortable for the device. It is highly lightweight and made of superior quality materials.

The strap comes detachable to make the bag handy to carry the device without shouldering. A dedicated pocket has been specially made in it for women to store important cards including debit and credit cards. One another pocket is surely made to hold sunglasses and other such stuff.

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The popular case maker like Twelve South has yet to release cover for 12-inch MacBook. We’ll update the list as soon as the new cover from reliable case makes arrives on the market. How did you like our list? Did we miss anything? Do share your own views about these covers and cases with us in the comment below.

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10 Best iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Camera Accessories of 2016

With the right set of accessories you could tap into a vastly improved photography experience with your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. From lenses to stands and lights, these accessories could transform your iPhone from a casual snapper to a more professional photography tool.

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While the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6’s are the smartphones with best cameras, which beats other competitors in the market, there is always a way to improve your photography experience using some additional accessories. Here we’ve researched the tools that help you get the best shot and spectacular videos from your iPhone.

Yooeur iPhone 6 or 6 Plus Camera Lens Kit

Yooeur iPhone camera lens
The ultimate iPhone camera lens kit

With its sleek good looks and readily apparent quality, the Yooeur Camera Lens Kit looks and feels as if it was built by Apple. It features two lenses — an 8x telephoto lens with a wide angle, and a fish eye lens, both of which snap right on with the included adapter.

$49* on Amazon
* At the time of publishing the price was $299.99

Kamstick Monopod Selfie Stick

Kamstick selfie stick
An advanced expandable selfie stick

Although there are many ‘selfie sticks’ available nowadays, the Kamstick is in a league of its own when it comes to design and quality. Being as sturdy as it is, it is still light and extremely portable — with a silicone grip so you won’t risk accidentally dropping your smartphone. It is convenient too, and comes with a Bluetooth remote so you can just point — and click.

$36.65* from Amazon
* At the time of publishing the price was $19.95

Luxsure iPhone 6 Camera Lens Kit

Fish eye iPhone camera lens
From macro to fish eye camera lenses

With 3 lenses, a simple ‘clip on’ adapter, and even its own microfiber carrying case, the Luxure iPhone 6 Lens Kit has all the essentials for any budding photographer. It comes with a fisheye lens as well as a combination 2-in-1 macro lens and wide-angle lens that can be separated as required or used in tandem.

$25.99* from Amazon
* At the time of publishing the price was $9.99

URPOWER Portable Mini LED Video Light

Mini led flash for iPhone
The pictures in low light condition are way better with this mini LED flash

Ever wish your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus could cope better in low-light situations? With this accessory you’ll get the same daylight color temperature as professional xenon flashes. The best part is that not only will your snaps be that much more vivid, but all your problems with red-eye reflections will be a thing of the past too.

$10.99* from Amazon
* At the time of publishing the price was $10.99

CamRah Lens Kit and Tripod Stand

CamRah Lens Kit and Tripod Stand
Capture more of the view using this awesome wide-angle lens

In terms of value for money it is hard to beat the CamRah Lens Kit and Tripod Stand. Within this package you’ll find a fish eye lens, macro lens, and wide angle lens along with an easy clip-on adapter, an octopus tripod stand and a microfiber storage bag. Essentially — everything you need!

$39.99* from Amazon
* At the time of publishing the price was $23.99

Shoulderpod S1 Professional Smartphone Rig

Shoulderpod S1 Professional Smartphone Rig
Never worry about dropping your phone while filming intense action

Made with iPhone photography enthusiasts, filmmakers, journalists, and travelers in mind, the Shoulderpod S1 Professional Smartphone Rig is designed to hold your iPhone tightly in place. It can be used as a tripod mount, filmmaker grip or even traveler stand — and outshines most other rigs with its features and quality.

$34.90* from Amazon
* At the time of publishing the price was $34.90

Mpow 3-in-1 Clip On Lens Kit

Mpow 3-in-1 Clip On Lens Kit
Wide angle, fish eye, and macro. All in one!

Yet another 3-lens kit, it comes with the fish eye lens, wide angle lens, and macro lens that you’d expect from kits of this kind. Yet what distinguishes Mpow from its rivals is the clip itself that not only looks great but is also a lot more adaptable than most others.

$29.99* from Amazon
* At the time of publishing the price was $15.99

YOPO iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Camera Lens Kit

YOPO iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Camera Lens Kit
Ultimate iPhone photography kit

It is hard to match the package put together by YOPO, as it encompasses a mini tripod, universal phone holder, fish eye lens, telephoto lens, 2-in-1 macro and wide angle lens, velvet phone bag and also a microfiber cleaning cloth. The overall quality of the accessories are good, and the variety of the lenses are more diverse than most of its competitors.

$79.99* from Amazon
* At the time of publishing the price was $39.98

RIF6 Mini Flexible Tripod Stand

Flexible Tripod Stand iPhone
This flexible stand allows you to hold your iPhone the way you want

Ever wish you had a tripod stand that could grip onto any terrain? The RIF6 Tripod Stand will do just that — and more. With flexible arms that can be twisted into shape as needed, rubber feet that grip onto practically all surfaces, and a holder that can swivel 360 degrees — there’s really nothing that this tripod can’t do.

$30* from Amazon
* At the time of publishing the price was $15.99

Techo Professional HD Camera Lens Kit

Techo Professional HD Camera Lens Kit
DSLR quality macro lens for your iPhone

On the surface this lens kit may appear similar to most others, with a clip on 2-in-1 macro and wide angle lens — but there’s a reason why many true enthusiasts favor it. For starters the macro lens is more powerful than most others at 12.5x, but more importantly it also includes a universal 37mm thread clip that will allow you to attach DSLR lenses onto it too.

$39.99* from Amazon
* At the time of publishing the price was $24.99

12 Coolest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Accessories of 2016

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Accessories

Every year hundreds if not thousands of new accessories for the iPhone emerge on the market. Some of these may be improvements on earlier designs, but many others break new ground and open up exciting new options for iPhone aficionados.

So far, 2015 has been a particularly good year — with tons of amazing new accessories already released, and a few more looking really close to doing so. Here and now, you can go over the 12 best accessories for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that have managed to grab the attention of iPhone users this year.

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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case


iPhone 6 leather case

Is it really any surprise that one of the best iPhone accessories comes from Apple itself? While it may not exactly be a revolutionary, the leather case that Apple created is by far the slimmest and most elegant case out there.

It looks and feels like it was meant to be a part of the phone — which arguably, it was.

Price: $59.08

Buy from Amazon



Have you ever sat back and thought to yourself, “Man, I wish my iPhone had a 4-inch e-Paper second screen on the back?” Even if you haven’t, one look at popSLATE and you probably will be thinking just that.

The second screen can be used however you want — and since its e-Paper it will consume very little power. By using your normal power-guzzling iPhone screen less and the secondary e-Paper screen more, you’ll find that your constant battery issues could be a thing of the past.

Because the e-Paper screen is always on, you’ll find that it is extremely convenient for handling notifications, messages, and emails. Soon enough you’ll begin to wonder how you ever survived without it.

Price: $129

Shop from popSLATE

iBlazr 2

iblazr 2

Technically the iblazr 2 isn’t released yet — but by backing their Kickstarter (which is already fully funded but has a few more units left) you could get your hands on this stunning LED flash by September this year.

As you may have guessed, the iblazr 2 is basically a wireless LED flash that can be paired with your iPhone (or even iPad, camera, or Android devices). It will allow you to take some amazing photographs — and is certainly worth checking out.

Price: Onging project

KickStarter Project

Olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus


Although the Olloclip photo lenses aren’t new — they have been revamped completely for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and for the first time ever this accessory is designed to work with both the front and rear cameras.

Featuring fish-eye, wide-angle, as well as 10x and 15x macro lenses, the Olloclip is undoubtedly one of the most popular iPhone accessories of 2015 and has proven to be photographer catnip.

Price: $107.99 [$79.99 at the time of writing this]

Get it from Amazon

Logitech Harmony Home Hub


Want to control your entire home from the comfort of your smartphone? Logitech’s Harmony Home Hub is one of the most interesting home-integration solutions, and will not integrate your home entertainment and automation but it’ll also provide you with ‘one-click profiles’ that you can activate so that you won’t have to fiddle with individual settings.

Of course, the rest of your home needs to consist of internet or WiFi-ready devices to get the most out of what this hub has to offer.

Price: $99.99

Order it from Amazon

Mophie Juice Pack

Mophie iuice pack

When most people think about juice packs and backup batteries they imagine huge, bulky, and often  unsightly devices that need to be lugged around — which is why the Mophie’s slim profile catches many off-guard. Don’t be fooled by its svelteness though, the battery in this case is apparently able to extend the talk time on the iPhone 6 by an additional 14 hours.

As you can imagine, being able to extend the lifetime of the iPhone is already a big plus point — and being able to do so with a form-fitting case just puts a cherry on top.

Price: $99.95 [$78.34 at the time of writing this]

Purchase it from Amazon

Narrative Clip 2

Narrative clip 2

The original Narrative was a breakaway success, and became easily the most popular portable wearable camera accessory for the iPhone. No surprise then that the Narrative Clip 2 picks up where its predecessor left off and adds a new 8 Megapixel camera that has better light sensitivity and wide-angle optics.

Along with that it also features 8 GB of storage and a battery life of about 30 hours. Although it isn’t quite available just yet, Narrative is already taking orders and it will ship in September this year.

Price: $149 [$139 at the time of writing this]

Order it from Amazon

Toshiba TransferJet

Toshiba transferjet

So far this year there’ve been a number of new wireless transfer dongles aimed at providing high-speed, close-proximity file transfers between devices — but the most impressive by far is undoubtedly the Toshiba TransferJet.

It is capable of data transfer speeds of up to 560 Mbps and extremely user friendly too. Assuming you seem to always find yourself waiting for lengthy file transfers to complete while crossing your fingers and hoping they don’t get interrupted and force you to start all over again — the TransferJet could just be the best accessory ever.

Price: See in the official website

Shop from Toshiba

Apple 2 Meter Lightning to USB Cable

Apple 2 meter cable

Amidst all the other high-tech wizardry of iPhone accessories, this certainly stands out like a sore thumb. Yes — it is simply a 2 Meter long Lightning to USB cable, and there’s nothing special about it other than the fact that it is 2 Meters long.

Ever since this cable made its way onto the market though it has provoked an extremely grateful reaction from all those people who apparently always wanted and needed a 2 Meter long cable, but weren’t able to find one. If you feel that describes your situation perfectly and want a reliable cable that can stretch across the room — this is the one for you.

Price: $32.99

Order it from Amazon

Paypal Here Mobile Chip and PIN Card Reader

PayPal here card reader

On the business front, the Paypal Here Mobile Chip and PIN Card Reader is one of the most impressive iPhone accessories to surface recently. Essentially it consists of a card reader that pairs off with an iPhone app and will allow you to accept credit card payments while on the go.

Granted this may not be something that ‘everyone’ needs — but for small business owners, it is a godsend.

Price: $55

Get it from PayPal

Ollie by Sphero


Remember way back in 2013 when that iPhone-controlled rolling ball called the Sphero 2.0 was all the rage? Well now those guys are back with their latest iPhone-controlled robot — Ollie.

Capable of rolling at speeds of up to 14 mph and featuring a huge array of tricks, Ollie is the faster and more agile brother that leaves the Sphero 2.0 behind in the dust. If you’re looking for a new toy, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Price: $99.99 [$89 at the time of writing this]

Purchase it from Amazon

iPhone Lightning Dock

iPhone lightning dock

Yet another accessory for Apple by Apple, the iPhone Lightning Dock was quietly released this year. Just like the previous model, it is a subtle yet beautiful dock that will hold your iPhone upright while it syncs and charges.

And don’t worry — although the previous iPhone docks didn’t fit the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus when they were first released, this one certainly will.

Price: $34.99 [$22.22 at the time of writing this]

Purchase it from Amazon

10 Best Apple Watch Bands and Straps Available Today

Not only is the Apple Watch a powerful smartwatch that is filled to the brim with the latest technology, but as has become evident ever since it was released — it is also a powerful fashion statement.

The demand for cool and classy bands is certainly there, though the solid gold bands that are showing up on the wrists of celebrities may be a little bit out of reach for regular Joes. Don’t worry though; the good news is that there are a lot of really cool Apple Watch bands available today that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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In fact, some of them actually look even better than Beyonce’s gold band!

Casetify Customized Band


As you can guess, the appeal of Casetify’s Apple Watch bands is the fact that they’re completely customizable. It is up to you to choose an image, or pull one up from your Facebook or Instagram account and then tweak it accordingly using the filters available. Even if you aren’t going to actually buy a band right now, it’s fun to play around and try out different options.

Price: $70
Available at: Casetify

Monowear Black Metal

Monowear Black MetalElegant does not begin to describe Monowear’s Black Metal strap for the Apple Watch. Made from stainless steel, it’s ever so slightly matted finish makes it a classy band to wear. Right now it is out of stock though — but apparently that will change very soon.

Price: $120
Available at: MonoWear

Etsy’s Minimalist and Zen Strap

Zen Strap

Looking for a simple strap with a minimalist design? Etsy’s Minimalist and Zen strap certainly fits that bill. It is a vegetable tanned leather strap that looks good for both business or casual dress, and pairs with the Apple Watch’s innate aesthetics remarkably.

Price: $85
Available at: Etsy

Reserve Strap

Click Band Adapter

If you’re having issues with your Apple Watch running out of battery life then the Reserve Strap is definitely a ‘must have’. Essentially this strap contains inbuilt lithium-ion batteries that will extend the lifetime of your Apple Watch once the main battery runs out. On top of that it looks great too in a very ‘Apple’ sort of way.

Price: $250
Available at: ReserveStrap

Click Band Adapter

Click Band adapter
The reason why bands and straps need to be made specifically for the Apple Watch is because its 42 mm or 38 mm models are much larger than the standard 22 mm that most regular watches tend to use. Click is an adapter that changes that — allowing you to use any band that a regular watch would and extending your range of options tremendously in the process.

In short, if you’d like to be able to choose from a wide range of conventional watch bands and straps, the Click Adapter will help you to do just that.

Price: Available to pre-order
Available at: GetClick


Apple watch Wipowerband

As its name implies, the Wipowerband is a band that will help to extend the battery life of your Apple Watch. It has a rubbery silicon skin and comes in multiple bright colors that gives it a sporty kind of look that is guaranteed to get people’s attention. Not only that, but this band also helps to protect your Apple Watch from knocks and bumps — which is a good thing if you’re an outdoorsy sort of person.

Price: $99
Available at: Wipowerband

Oittm Stainless Steel Metal Strap

Oittm steel strap apple watch

Built from high quality stainless steel with a polished finish, the Oittm strap oozes elegance and style with its timeless good looks. The strap is ideal for turning the Apple Watch into a business-like timepiece that would look completely suitable on the wrist of a high powered executive and any professional really.

Price: $149.99 [$35.99 at the time of writing this]
Available at: Amazon

CowboyStudio Leather Strap

CowboyStudio Leather Strap

One of the better leather straps available, the CowboyStudio edition is gorgeous to look at with its stylish two-toned finish. Aside from its stunning appearance though, this band is also particularly durable and extremely comfortable too — so if you like a strap that feels good on your wrist, it would be an excellent choice.

Price: $33
Available at: Amazon

T-Trees Classic Strap

T-Trees Classic Strap

The golden glint of this polished stainless steel strap makes it a top contender when it comes to appearances and it is precision built so fit the Apple Watch perfectly. It is easy to see how the T-Trees strap would accentuate the Apple Watch’s innate style better than most, and considering its quality it really isn’t all that expensive either.

Price: $56.99 [$44 at the time of writing this]
Available at: Amazon

Monowear’s Black Leather Strap

Black leather apple watch strap
Another popular option by Monowear, the genuine black leather on this strap has a suede finish that brings out the best in it. Perfect for any and every occasion, this is one strap that will look great no matter where you are or what you’re doing. It even comes with several different color options for finish of the adaptor.

Price: $80
Available at: MonoWear

Cubify Fresh Fiber Flex Bands

Cubify Freshfiber flex band

If you’re looking for something a bit different, the Cubify Flex Bands are definitely going to pique your interest. Don’t be fooled by their appearance — these bands are actually really thin and comfortable; while at the same time they have an ultra-futuristic vibe with their striking patterns.

Price: $40
Available at: Cubify

10 Best iPhone 6 Cases and Covers

iPhone 6 cases and covers
BendGate? Nope!

iPhone 6 has only just launched and the case makers are already flooding the market with all kinds of iPhone 6 cases.

All kind of cases are available for purchase but not every case will fit your needs. Some cases are designed to make your iPhone 6 look cool while others are designed to protect your iPhone during accidents.

With so many options to choose from, at times, it becomes difficult to choose the best case. To make your work easy, we have created an ultimate list of best iPhone 6 cases among which you will surely like at least one.

We’ve made best cases list for iPad Air, iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. Now, here are the 10 Best Cases and Covers for iPhone 6.
Continue reading 10 Best iPhone 6 Cases and Covers