Logitech Drops iPhone MFi Game Controller Price To $70 After Steelseries’ Stratus Price Cut

logitech ipone mfi game controller powershell price drop
Logitech dropped the price of its iPhone MFi game controller PowerShell with battery included by $30 after Steelseries dropped the Stratus‘ price by $20. The Logitech’s PowerShell MFi game controller now costs $69.99 with free shipping while its competitor Stratus is priced at $79.99.

Logitech, MOGA and Steelseries have been really active the past few months each introducing its own set of controllers for the iOS devices. The conpetition is led by none really at the moment because all have their pros and cons.

SteelSeries dropped the price of its’ well-acclaimed Stratus controller from $99.99 to $79.99 on January 24. Logitech also tried to get into the price war by reducing its’ PowerShell’s price as well giving a better drop than Steelseries. MOGA is still satisfied with $99.

While the Logitech’s PowerShell had several shortcomings ,owing to the new MFi technology which the game developers will take time to introduce in their game, it is a remarkable device for gaming on the iPhone.

Similar in design to the MOGA controller, PowerShell is slim, comfortable and comes with a superb 1500mAh battery capable of running several hours without charge.

It has a slim profile and comes with Xbox-style controls while gives you full access to the iPhone side button panel.

Logitech provides the list of the iOS 7 games currently supported by the PowerShell.

This price drop on the PowerShell will only last until February 1st. 9to5Mac however reports Logitech might be planning to introduce more discounts and promotions.

Better act fast and grab the controller while the offer still holds, you can’t predict Logitech’s actions. Order the device NOW. [Direct Link]

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