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10 Cases for the iPad Pro That Offer the Best Protection

iPad Pro
iPad Pro (Image source: Apple.com)

In September 9, Apple announced the iPad Pro, and it came out to be the largest they’ve ever produced so far.

With a large product in your hands like the iPad Pro, the tablet is far more likely to slip through your fingers when you are taking a selfie or a picture. We’ve rounded the best cases for iPad Pro that will let you protect your new baby in the best manner possible.

Be sure to check out Apple’s official keyboard case for iPad Pro on the Apple Store.

Here are 10 of the best cases that you can get for your iPad Pro when it releases in November.

10. Comsoon – iPad Pro smart Leather Case with 360 degree rotation

Comsoon iPad Pro smart Leather caseThis magnetic smart cover is made out of synthetic leather folio   and is one of the coolest out there. Featuring a smart sleep/wakeup feature so you don’t have to remember and hit the power button every time, this case is sure to make your iPad experience a gorgeous one indeed. The case comes in blue, black and pink, and also features a rotating stand and an elastic strap.

Where to buy: Get it now on Amazon.com

9. Jammylizard – G10 Smart Cover for iPad Pro


Jammylizard iPad Pro case

Jammylizard is one of the best-selling Apple case manufacturers of all time. The case for the iPad comes in a wide range of colors to suit everyone’s specific needs. The interior of the case is made of microfiber. In addition, the smart cover is ultra-light and has an automatic sleep feature integrated into it. It also features an incline range for watching movies on your new tablet.

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon.com

8. JETech – Ultra Slim Smart Case for iPad Pro

JETech Smart Leather Case for iPad Pro

This case is one of the lightest and best fitting out there and has been specifically designed for the new iPad Pro. The case has a smooth interior and exterior design with perfectly sized cutouts for the volume buttons and the power button. It is the same as the Apple Smart Cover, except that it offers protection for the back panel as well.

Where to buy: Purchase it on Amazon.com

7. Jammylizard – Smart Leather Case for iPad Pro

Jammylizard Smart Leather Case for iPad Pro

This high quality case has a very premium look and feel to it. It is made of the best quality faux leather, and offers amazing screen protection. It is made for the traveling businessperson, and has an integrated document pouch so you can work on the go like never before. It also has a 3 point movie stand built-in for when you simply have to take a break from work.

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon.com

6. Snugg – Flip Stand Smart Cover for iPad Pro

Snugg Flip Stand Smart Cover for iPad Pro

This case has been designed for the new iPad Pro, so that the button cutouts are in the perfect size for your new tablet. It has a soft touch fiber interior and the automatic sleep/wake feature as well. It also offers a lifetime guarantee, meaning that you can get it replaced at any time!

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon.com

5. iBeek – Magnetic Case for iPad Pro

iBeek Ultra Slim Translucent Back Case for iPad Pro

This is probably one of the most beautiful cases for the Pro out there. It has a 2 piece design so it can protect both the front and the back of your iPad. It is ultra slim making for the perfect fit too. The translucent back case allows for your iPad to show off its natural curves as well!

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon.com

4. Peyou – Slim Smart Case Cover for iPad Pro

Peyou Ultra Slim-fit Smart case Cover for iPad Pro

This case from Peyou comes in a range of colors for you to choose from. It is a flip style magnetic case with a smart sleep and wake function for the iPad lover. It has a slip proof plastic housing and synthetic leather build, as well as an integrated flip stand.

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon.com

3. Khomo – iPad Pro Cover with Holder

Khomo iPad Pro Case

This case is one of the best out there for the executive with a fascination for tablets. The easy to hold hand strap means that you wont have to drop it on those business calls, and the best-selling inner document and business card pouch from Khomo will help you work in style.

Where to buy: Check it out on Amazon.com

2. Bovon – Anti-Scratch iPad Pro Leather Case

Bovon iPad Pro case

This case will allow you to perform all the functions you want on your iPad Pro with the epitome in style. It features anti scratch, bump and drop protection as well as card slots and the perfect button cutouts for everyone to use.

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon.com

1. JETech – Diamond Smart Case

JETech Diamond Smart Case cover for iPad Pro

This minimalistic, sexy, synthetic leather flip style case is perfect for everyone as it comes in a range of colors. The diamond pattern exterior prevents slip and gives a premium feel. A life-time warranty completes the package. This case beats other competitive cases in case of minimalistic design.

Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon.com

How did you like our list? Did we miss a great case for iPad Pro? Be sure to check out our best cases for iPhone 6s. Let us know which case do you recommend for the iPad Pro.

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