Just the day after all-new iPad Air release, case makers are made many case for iPad Air available to purchase. The iPad Air and the iPad Air 2 is the most handy tablets from Apple, which is small in size in comparison to the iPad Pro.

The new iPad Air is features improved processing power, improved hardware and is as light as one pound.

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There’s already dozens of cases for iPad Air in the market, it’s quite hard to find the case that has all the features you want. So, we decided to list the best iPad Air cases that are loved by the users most.

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In addition to Apple Smart Cover for iPad Air (costs $79), here we have listed up the best iPad Air and iPad air 2 cases of 2015 that you would love to use.

1. i-Blason Smart Leather iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Case

Smart leather iPad Air case

i-Blason’s Smart leather iPad Air case is one of the best iPad Air cases (iPad 5). This case has multiple function like you can use it flip stand to watch movies and videos and auto wake and sleep functionality. It has built-in pen holder and credit card slot as well. It’s available for both iPad Air and iPad Air 2.

Available on Amazon.com: Buy now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

2. Ionic bluetooth iPad Air/iPad Air 2 keyboard case

Cool and stylish!

Iconic’s bluetooth keyboard case turns your iPad Air into virtual laptop. It has a bluetooth keyboard and at its back there’s a stand that holds your iPad Air. It’s pretty cheap in comparison to other iPad cases with keyboard, which makes it one of the best iPad Air and iPad Air 2 cases!

Available on Amazon: Purchase it for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

3. Bear Motion iPad Air/iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case

Bear Motion keyboard iPad Air Case
Light weight case with keyboard!

If you’re looking to the lightest and slim iPad Air case with keyboard, then I bet you’ll be impressed by Bear Motion’s case for iPad air. Make up of leather, it’s a durable case with keyboard that has LED light indicators for charging and keyboard on or off indication.

Available on Amazon: Shop it for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

4. Fintie iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Slim Folio Case

Fintie Apple iPad Air case slim
Synthetic leather case for your iPad Air. Simply classic!

Fintie’s folio case for iPad Air is made of synthetic leather which looks very classy and simple. The built-in magnetic strip provides wake and sleep functionality and the smart holder is very useful for holding pen or stylus. You will certainly love its design!

Available on Amazon: Buy it now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

5. MoKo slim iPad Air/iPad Air 2 Leather Cover

MoKo Slim iPad Air Case
MoKo case for iPhone with classy design

MoKo case is made of PU leather that provides a classy look. This special case automatically puts your iPad Air to sleep or wake if the lid is open or closed. The built-in stand provides several angles, which is perfect for watching movie, typing an email or composing a post. The interior hand strap makes it very comfortable for one-hand operation.

Available on Amazon: Get it now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

6. Armorbox Protection Case

Provides full body protection to your iPad Air!

i-Bason’s Armorbox cover provides full body protection to your iPad Air or iPad Air 2. Exteriorly, it’s a hard shell and ventrally, it’s made of light weight silicon material that provides soft rest to your iPad Air. This is the perfect Otterbox series alternative because it is much lighter and provides equally heavy protection.

Available on Amazon.com: Buy now for iPad Air or for the iPad Air 2

7. Invellop Leatherette Case Cover

Hard case with slick design. Perfect for work, school and travel!

If you love using the case that is light-weight, but provides very good protection, then Invellop’s cover will best watch for you. It is light weight and ultra-thin with very slick design. Perfect case for traveling, using in school and work without having to worry about dropping your iPad Air 2 on the floor!

Available on Amazon: Order it for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

8. Snugg Flip Stand Case for iPad Air/iPad Air 2

Perfect for watching movies and using FaceTime.

The Snugg iPad Air case is here! A black foldable premium case as loved by thousands of iPad Air users so far. Stands up perfectly for watching videos, movies or using FaceTime and there is a cut out in the front so you can use the rare camera without taking the iPad Air out of the case.

Available on Amazon: Buy now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

9. Poetic Slimline Case

Poetic slimline case iPad Air
Case with cool folder design

Poetic StrapBack case has a sturdy folder design like Apple’s official case for iPad Air. Like the other cases, this case wakes and keeps your iPad Air in sleep upon opening and closing the lid. It’s available in 8 different colors.

Available on Amazon: Purchase it for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

10. Devicewear Slim Leather Cover

Devicewear Slim case for iPad Air
Slim and clean!

If you’re looking for a slim, simple and clean case for your iPad Air, then Devicewear case is what you’d love to use. This smart case keeps your iPad to sleep and awakes when you open or close the lid. It keeps your iPad Air closed with a simple magnetic lid.

Available on Amazon: Order now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

Bonus! Here are four more best iPad Air 2 cases:

CaseCrown iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Cover

CaseCrown iPad Air case
Budgeted and looks very cool!

CaseCrown is a budget case for your iPad Air which delivers the same quality as the cases listed above. It’s made up of durable water-resistant synthetic leather with soft micro fiber interior. With two standing and two viewing angles, this case is excellent for your every day use.

Available on Amazon: Buy now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

Ionic Designer iPad Air/iPad Air 2 Case

minimalist iPad Air case
Minimalist designer iPad Air case

Ionic Designer case is a minimalistic case for your iPad Air with sleep and wake up function. Made up of exterior leather, it has simple yet professional design. It has two other color variations.

Available on Amazon: Buy now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

Fintie 360 Degree Rotating Cases for iPad Air(2)

360 rotating ipad air case
360 rotating iPad Air case

Fintie 360 degree rotating iPad Air case makes it simple to transition between landscape and portrait mode. It’s unique design makes your iPad Air to stand out. The dual layer hard interior and the premium leather exterior provides your iPad Air and iPad Air 2 maximum protection.

Available on Amazon: Buy now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

Otterbox Defender Series

OtterBox Defender iPad Air Case
OtterBox Defender iPad Air Case

OtterBox‘s multi-layer Defender case protects your iPad Air against potential damage from scratches, dust, drops and bumps. This case has versatile shield stand that provides additional protection while travelling with your iPad Air. Check it out on Otterbox.

Native Union Gripster Case

Native Union iPad Air 2 Case
Native Union iPad Air 2 Case

As suggest by one of our readers, Robert, this is actually the most practical case for the iPad Air. It has 8 lockable positions to do various stuff and has integrated handle with which you can carry it around like a briefcase. It is designed for multipurpose functions like watching, typing, reading and gaming. You will definitely love using it!

Available on Amazon: Buy now for iPad Air or for iPad Air 2

So, there you go; our 10 of the best iPad Air case of 2015. Have you been using case and want to share your experience? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. None of the above!

    Where’s the combo of screen protector, poly thin sheet for the back, and smart cover (in colors)?

    That would be the lightest weight with scratch and screen protection.

  2. I bought the i-Blason because it looks to have good protection, I was wanting the on/off technology, I like the hand-holding feature and the stylus holder. Of course, after I ordered it I then noticed the FinTie case with camera eye opening. I will have to see if the i-Blason has this feature when it arrives. I just purchased an iPad Air and will be using it in the field for Mobile Appraising. My fear is dropping it (which the handle may prevent), but I need to take photos too.

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