Designer iPhone 6s cases

10 Best Designer iPhone 6s Cases

Designer iPhone 6s cases

Once you have your iPhone 6s in hand, the next step is to buy a phone case. These are necessary to keep the iPhone from getting damaged during everyday use. Not all iPhone cases are equal—some are better than others, rather more importantly, better looking than others.

If you are on the lookout for a great iPhone 6s case, you would want to get the splashiest and most luxurious one.

Designer accessories for Apple products are becoming more and more common these days. This is partly due to the fact that Apple styles itself as a lifestyle company, instead being just a tech one.

Apple products have been on runways and Vogue. So it isn’t that surprising when the iPhone 6s was released, a string of designer cases followed.

Here are the 10 best of luxury iPhone 6s cases:

1. SpeckCandyshell — Inked Jonathan Adler Case

Speck iPhone 6s case

Availability: View this on Amazon

Candyshell phone cases have been garnering a lot of attention thanks to their bold, splashy and colorful designs. They take things further for the iPhone 6s with a case that has a design by the acclaimed houseware designer Jonathan Adler. It’s literally quite difficult to take the eyes off this one.

2. Givenchy — Rottweiler iPhone 6s Case

Givenchy Rottweiler Face iPhone 6s Case

Availability: View on Amazon

Givenchy is always a good choice to make others do a double take, which you certainly will with their latest iPhone 6s case that features a teeth-baring Rottweiler. Perhaps, Beyonce’s favorite brand took it literally that the phone case guards the iPhone. The angry Rottweiler is sure to scare away any thieves, just as it did with Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci’s mother.

3. Dolce & Gabbana — Dauphine iPhone 6s Hard Case

Dauphine Calfskin iPhone 6s Hard Case

Availability: View on Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana enamored fans with a crystal daisy embellished iPhone 6 cover a while back. Maybe that was a bit too girly, because for the iPhone 6s, the iconic brand went minimalist with an artful Dauphine print calfskin case. Very stylish and unconventional, as expected from a brand that loves to surprise people.

4. Michael Kors — Pavé iPhone 6s Case

MICHAEL Michael Kors iPhone 6s case

Availability: View on Amazon

Like bling that blinds the eye? Then this dazzling iPhone 6s case just might be for you. The back of this hard silver case looks like it’s encrusted with hundreds of shiny diamonds. Eye-catching, indeed.

5. Stella McCartney — Cat iPhone 6 & 6s Case

Stella McCartney Cat iPhone 6 & 6s Case

Availability: View at Harrods

Stella McCartney never fails to turn heads with her accessories. That’s exactly what she did by making a cat-shaped case for the iPhone 6s. Sleek with a remarkable cat-shape that is surprisingly easy to handle, this is minimalism at its best. The back of the case features a carving-like face of a cat, complete with crystal green eyes and whiskers. This 100% silicone case is perfect for those who like making bold fashion statements.

6. Nanette Lepore — Cases for iPhone 6s

Nanette Lepore - Texture Print iPhone 6s case

Availability: View on Amazon

Nanette Lepore is famous for her feminine and intricate designs that look as if they belong in an exotic palace. Her flair doesn’t escape the hard-shell iPhone 6s cases.  The Nanette Lepore case collection brings exquisite textile designs to the back of your iPhone, resulting in absolutely stunning artwork you can hold in your hands.

7. Ted Baker — Shannon Mirror

Ted Baker iPhone 6S Case

Availability: View on Amazon

If you ever fancied yourself a princess with a magic mirror, you will love this iPhone 6s case. Sleek, shiny and elegant, it has a gold outlined mirror on the inside, so every time you look at your iPhone 6s, it will look as if you were looking into a magic mirror. The rose red color is absolutely gorgeous, too.

8. GiGi New York — Python iPhone 6s Case

GIGI Newyork designer iPhone 6s case

Availability: View on GiGiNewYork

For an iPhone 6s case that embodies high fashion, look no further than this one by the incomparable GiGi. This unique full-grain embossed python leather case is certainly a work of premium craftsmanship. You can even personalize it up to three initials upon request. It’s hip and serves well to protect the iPhone 6s from damage and dust.

9. IPHORIA—Couleur iPhone 6s Case

Designer iPhone 6s cases

Availability: View on Amazon

IPHORIA is the go-to brand for designer phone accessories. Always with a sense of humor, IPHORIA’s newly released Couleur case makes the back of your iPhone 6s look like a giant, pure red nail polish bottle. The resemblance is uncanny from afar. This is definitely a designer case not to be missed.

10. Luisaviaroma—My Little Pony

My Little Pony iPhone 6s Case

Availability: View on Luisaviaroma

This is a special project for the classic luxury brand. These rubber iPhone 6s casings, unlike any other, come with a giant My Little Pony character printed on the back. It’s adorable, unusual and an all-round must-have.

Don’t wait to make your new iPhone 6s look hip with one of the above cases.

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