10 Best Apple Watch Bands and Straps Available Today

Not only is the Apple Watch a powerful smartwatch that is filled to the brim with the latest technology, but as has become evident ever since it was released — it is also a powerful fashion statement.

The demand for cool and classy bands is certainly there, though the solid gold bands that are showing up on the wrists of celebrities may be a little bit out of reach for regular Joes. Don’t worry though; the good news is that there are a lot of really cool Apple Watch bands available today that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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In fact, some of them actually look even better than Beyonce’s gold band!

Casetify Customized Band


As you can guess, the appeal of Casetify’s Apple Watch bands is the fact that they’re completely customizable. It is up to you to choose an image, or pull one up from your Facebook or Instagram account and then tweak it accordingly using the filters available. Even if you aren’t going to actually buy a band right now, it’s fun to play around and try out different options.

Price: $70
Available at: Casetify

Monowear Black Metal

Monowear Black MetalElegant does not begin to describe Monowear’s Black Metal strap for the Apple Watch. Made from stainless steel, it’s ever so slightly matted finish makes it a classy band to wear. Right now it is out of stock though — but apparently that will change very soon.

Price: $120
Available at: MonoWear

Etsy’s Minimalist and Zen Strap

Zen Strap

Looking for a simple strap with a minimalist design? Etsy’s Minimalist and Zen strap certainly fits that bill. It is a vegetable tanned leather strap that looks good for both business or casual dress, and pairs with the Apple Watch’s innate aesthetics remarkably.

Price: $85
Available at: Etsy

Reserve Strap

Click Band Adapter

If you’re having issues with your Apple Watch running out of battery life then the Reserve Strap is definitely a ‘must have’. Essentially this strap contains inbuilt lithium-ion batteries that will extend the lifetime of your Apple Watch once the main battery runs out. On top of that it looks great too in a very ‘Apple’ sort of way.

Price: $250
Available at: ReserveStrap

Click Band Adapter

Click Band adapter
The reason why bands and straps need to be made specifically for the Apple Watch is because its 42 mm or 38 mm models are much larger than the standard 22 mm that most regular watches tend to use. Click is an adapter that changes that — allowing you to use any band that a regular watch would and extending your range of options tremendously in the process.

In short, if you’d like to be able to choose from a wide range of conventional watch bands and straps, the Click Adapter will help you to do just that.

Price: Available to pre-order
Available at: GetClick


Apple watch Wipowerband

As its name implies, the Wipowerband is a band that will help to extend the battery life of your Apple Watch. It has a rubbery silicon skin and comes in multiple bright colors that gives it a sporty kind of look that is guaranteed to get people’s attention. Not only that, but this band also helps to protect your Apple Watch from knocks and bumps — which is a good thing if you’re an outdoorsy sort of person.

Price: $99
Available at: Wipowerband

Oittm Stainless Steel Metal Strap

Oittm steel strap apple watch

Built from high quality stainless steel with a polished finish, the Oittm strap oozes elegance and style with its timeless good looks. The strap is ideal for turning the Apple Watch into a business-like timepiece that would look completely suitable on the wrist of a high powered executive and any professional really.

Price: $149.99 [$35.99 at the time of writing this]
Available at: Amazon

CowboyStudio Leather Strap

CowboyStudio Leather Strap

One of the better leather straps available, the CowboyStudio edition is gorgeous to look at with its stylish two-toned finish. Aside from its stunning appearance though, this band is also particularly durable and extremely comfortable too — so if you like a strap that feels good on your wrist, it would be an excellent choice.

Price: $33
Available at: Amazon

T-Trees Classic Strap

T-Trees Classic Strap

The golden glint of this polished stainless steel strap makes it a top contender when it comes to appearances and it is precision built so fit the Apple Watch perfectly. It is easy to see how the T-Trees strap would accentuate the Apple Watch’s innate style better than most, and considering its quality it really isn’t all that expensive either.

Price: $56.99 [$44 at the time of writing this]
Available at: Amazon

Monowear’s Black Leather Strap

Black leather apple watch strap
Another popular option by Monowear, the genuine black leather on this strap has a suede finish that brings out the best in it. Perfect for any and every occasion, this is one strap that will look great no matter where you are or what you’re doing. It even comes with several different color options for finish of the adaptor.

Price: $80
Available at: MonoWear

Cubify Fresh Fiber Flex Bands

Cubify Freshfiber flex band

If you’re looking for something a bit different, the Cubify Flex Bands are definitely going to pique your interest. Don’t be fooled by their appearance — these bands are actually really thin and comfortable; while at the same time they have an ultra-futuristic vibe with their striking patterns.

Price: $40
Available at: Cubify

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