Apple iWatch Will Have 10+ Health And Fitness Sensors And Will Come In Different Sizes

apple iwatch
According to a report published on the Wall Street Journal, Apple iWatch will contain over 10 health and fitness sensors and will also come in different sizes. iWatch is expected this fall.

The iWatch is mainly focused on health and is expected to work with Apple’s upcoming Health application. Apple hired several noted professionals from the health industry to work on that app.

“Apple aims to address an overarching criticism of existing smart watches that they fail to provide functions significantly different from that of a smartphone,” reporters Eva Dou and Lorraine Luk wrote.

The iWatch is rumored to have over 10 different sensors. Some of them will monitor health and fitness.

Other than that, the report also sheds light over the different sizes of the iWatch. The main difference in sizes will be because of the different screen sizes. Exact sizes are not revealed as yet.

Reuters also claim that the iWatch screen will be slightly rectangular and of 2.5 inches. It’s not yet confirmed however.

Other alleged features of the “iWatch” include wireless charging that could allow a port-less design, and the use of flexible OLED displays that could allow Apple to introduce unique designs not possible with traditional LCD panels.

Apple will release the iWatch in October on a media event its currently planning. It’s where Apple unleashes its first wearable device most probably worn on wrist as per the name “Watch”.

Quanta Computer will build the first batch of the iWatch and that would be between 10 million and 15 million units by the end of the year.

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