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AllTimeMac LogoAllTimeMac is a news site providing breaking updates for Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iOS, Mac OS and the whole Apple ecosystem keeping you updated with the right information at the right time as it happens.

News is not only the important thing so we do in-deep analysis in the subject matter and make the news readable with high quality pictures and videos.


Being a tech enthusiast, Anup Kayastha always wants to know about what’s happening in the tech field. When he was 17, he first bought an iPhone 4 in 2010. Then he gradually focused on the activity of Apple company.

Anup Kayastha – CEO and Founder

Anup Kayastha
Anup Kayastha

Anup Kayastha is CEO and Founder of AllTimeMac. Anup started AllTimeMac as a passion to write about Apple’s product and the news related to the company.

AllTimeMac was officially lunched on August 2014 with the aim to help Apple users by delivering news, updates and guides for Apple products.

He is a Tech blogger, internet marketer, and an online entrepreneur. Loves to travel, hang out with friends and interests in photography. Follow him on Twitter / Facebook.

Our target is to keep our reader update to date with correct informations. We believe that a person shouldn’t get incorrect information and fall under a problem afterward. Therefore, we deeply research about the topic before posting them in our site brining you fresh contents that’s real.

AllTimeMac has also been featured on CNN‘s trending section:


And as featured on AllTop‘s Macintosh section:

AllTimeMac as featured on AllTop Macintosh

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